24 August, 2007

Bailout oh bailout~!

One more bailout in the history books. When will the government stop this? It is really wasting the rakyat's money. First and foremost these bailouts are not cheap. Second these projects supposedly had the best consultants to orchestrate the success. But why has it failed? Many would say someone "ate" the money. NOW it is a white elephant that needs feeding.

The government should really think again. Why has the project failed in the first place. This does not only go to the Port Klang Free Zone but any other projects that matter. I say on top of a bailout an independant investigation body should be set up to find out what exactly went wrong and was there any foul play involved. I can sniff the stench of some corruption in this one. One question....does this project need a bailout? Does it carry enough to let it be rescued? Is it sensitive to national pride?

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