21 August, 2007

Between right and wrong. What RPK says.

"if the government says you have, then you have, even if you have not. That is how it works in Malaysia"

The above line was quoted from Raja Petra's article "20/08: Muhammad son of Muhammad, I accept!". I am not really referring to what he wrote in his article. But I am thinking the irony of it instead.
Before I go any further, we have to realize that it is us that choose the current government. It is all those who voted and based on majority the conclusion is that the coalition should rule and govern for another term.

Now, who has the right to say what is right and wrong? What is a crime and what is not? RPK related his experience to how he was actively involved in the production of many "Reformasi" materials. How many simply do not dare to take up his offer of business. He claims that a certain ethnic does not consider what is right or wrong and what is a crime or not. Rule of thumb is that if the government think it is a crime than it is. Pretty simpleton way of thinking. Mind you these very people were doing illegal business in the books of the law.

But what strikes a question in me is why it has been this way? In Islam there is a specific rule that one cannot "Halalkan yang haram dan Haramkan yang halal as it has been decided by Allah". In a more general way of saying is that what is wrong can't be said as right and vice versa. I think that pretty much is common sense.

But now we have voted and chosen the government. So what happens after that? Simply everything. We gave them the mandate and vote of confidence, at least by a mojority. Even a 50.0001% is a majority but to make it a safer bet it has been set at two thirds of the seats that are contested. So as long as we vote willingly of unwillingly or for the sake of certain "gifts" and perhaps "favours" as far as the law is concerned two thirds is still two thirds. Unless there is a bloody good proof that somehow the elections were botched or tainted.

The consequences to that is that for the next 5 years, what ever it is that the government does is practically what the people want and the people include the minority that did not vote for the ruling party. So out right that one third is left to just be led by the nose. Hoping more of luck rather than anything else that would help them.

But sometimes overtime the confidence wanes. The ruling party feels the heat and the people is becoming more restless. Back to the issue of that particular line that RPK wrote....safe to assme that the ruling party can practically do and say as they like until just before the general elections. Because that is when they need to shine our shoes and kiss kids. But tough luck is....what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, that is the way god intended it.

The government does not decide what is what. That is up to us the people of the land. Once we have decided and that day will be the General Elections hopefully we get to choose a better choice and move ahead. Not be content and say "Tidak apa" and think we could give another 5 year chance to those who have indeed screwed up. That would be a whole step backward if not moving at all indeed.

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