20 August, 2007

Education in Malaysia Blog puts heat on to UiTM.

I find it a sad point. When one is in the system and tries hard to help in the shortcomings he or she gets axed out. There are many noble hearts in this higher education institution but perhaps it is not enough to bring substantial change to a mono-ethnic tertiary education. Should I care since I have been axed out too? Does that make me not answerable to the skeptics and the haters of this mono-ethnic higher education institution? I have a diploma from this institution and even when I am out I do try to send a clear message that there is something terribly wrong in the execution. But no, I was shown the door and told I was banned even to step into the grounds.

I sit and have dinner sometimes just outside of these very grounds that gave me my Diploma. I see the kids marching under street lamps for Kesatria. I joke and eat amongst it's students. I see on weekends that parents take the effort to come from their kampungs to visit their child and to know how does it feel like to be in a university. Deep inside I know they are so proud of their children and these parents would try their level best to give some extra pocket money or at least some food from home for their children to share with their dorm mates.

Sometimes I overhear parents talking to their children..."Kita bukan orang senang. Tapi kalau anak ayah nak beli buku untul belajar, tanah pusaka kat kampung sanggup ayah jualkan". Even if the fees are less than RM1k per semester but many still find it a choke hold on their finances. Sad? Definitely.

Now a blog titled Education in Malaysia finds reason for it to pick and question the very same mono-ethnic university that I am referring to. The authors are Tony Pua and Kian Ming. Both of them are non-Bumis undoubtedly. But I question where is their millage on their postings on this university? But what is even more saddening is the fact that another race is questioning why should their tax money be spent to a mono-ethnic university.

Even more shocking....are the comments posted by mostly anonymous visitors of the blog. One can see the battle between races so openly that just halfway trough one can get cold sweat. This is racial pride that we are talking about and no one wants to back off. Some even embarrass themselves citing that he or she is a graduate from that university and their command in English is impeccable but the comment clearly has grammatical errors beyond permissible primary school standards.

I don't feel like elaborating more on this. But as flammable as my posts have been I don't think it incites as much negative attention and tension as this blog. The response and retaliation and counter retaliation is simply scary if not dumb sometimes.

These are the links to the articles that I am referring to;

Universiti Teknologi Mara – World Class?
UiTM Graduates More Employable

Do read the comments posted to see my point. I hate to say this to the administration of the university in question but....I TOLD YOU SO.


zalikha said...

Your english is soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!

I have to tell you one thing though..since i study in a mono-ethnic university, which is matric IIUM, my english has started to evolve into a second language for me because all of my english speaking friends are at Gombak. I use to be soo good in english..but lack of practise resulted to what i am now....because if speak english all the time.. the malays that are not global thinkers will think little of me..and will not understand me.

I can't wait to go to GOMBAK to all my englsih speaking friends..and i got your link from the education malaysia blog.

What you blogged really moved my heart..yeah, UITM really is the sanctuary for malays that could not afford education.

I think dari UITM spend RM 50,000 to just make itself even more infamous, i think they should help these students.

I was really really moved by your post. I'm glad there are positive people like you in this world.

I'm going to link you. but don't read my blog..it's a childlish teenage blog.

Anonymous said...

uitm has a vision but lack of good system and belief. There is nowhere in malaysia you will find institution that will force students even non-muslim to wear long sleeve except UiTM. The saddening case is that the guards even stop the public bus and make a spotcheck. This is not islamic.

Anyway, I decided to start a new blog pertaining UiTM.