21 August, 2007

Ellie the Geek Chick

Once upon a time somewhere in the present there is a girl named Ellie. She is a spunky little person. Good at many things and loves to share them with the world. Thus she authors her own blog at www.thepinkc.net which she maintains diligently. In her blog there are many topic divided into a few sections.

One which I frequent these days is her Geek Girl section. She must take her self as some sort of geek or something. But geeks theses days are cool I guess. In this sections he writes about various software and application that is either free or a free service offered. Yes, she does test and use them. So you know her reviews are based on personal experiences with the applications.

No jargon just straight up simply layman English. Thus it won't be a daunting task trying to understand what she writes about. Guys and girls, women and chicks in fact may find this section tremendously useful. So dudes and chicks...trot on over and let the geek chick Ellie give you some personal insight on what she is using now.

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Ellie said...

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely subscribe to the Geek Girl Feed! :)