23 August, 2007

It has been a long time waiting for this to happen....now will it be executed properly?

Transparency. I like that word. It sounds...urm....transparent. Hehehe~! Higher Education Ministry has announced "The National Higher Education Action Plan 2007-2010". Now that looks like 3 years doesn't it? But it's not...realistically it is 2 years tops. Forget about this year, it is approaching the 4th quarter. what is outlined in this plan exactly? Let me give you a quick copy and pasting here....

• Introducing greater transparency in the selection of senior management in public universities to achieve the best levels of leadership possible.

• The development of a Lifelong Learning Policy through the formation of a National Committee for Lifelong Learning. The government aims to increase the number of adult learners, so that 27 per cent of the workforce (from the current 20 per cent) will have tertiary qualifications.

• Exchange programmes which will enrich the learning experience of top students in selected foreign universities.

• Industry attachment of lecturers. There will be programmes to enable the secondment of academics to private sector organisations and vice versa. This will increase cross-cultural collaboration for transfer of knowledge, as well as awareness and understanding of industry needs.

• Holistic education programmes to produce confident students with a sense of balance and proportion. These programmes will enable students in the pure sciences to be exposed to the humanities and vice versa. All students will also be exposed to broader co-curricular activities.

• A target to produce 21,000 PhD holders by 2010, the majority being in science, technology and medicine.

Any planning by the government is always good and perfect. But when it comes to execution than you can see where it is really lacking. I hope for the better future of our children that Datuk Mustapa Mohamed be very diligent in the execution of this plan. If he is not. It will be just a plan.

Full report can be found here.

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