17 August, 2007

The Malaysian Way.

Pak lah oh Pak Lah, why are you referring to the success of your predecessor and have the faintest idea that you have done the same so far? Now you say the "Malaysian Way" comprised four principles: Political stability, pragmatic policy-making, capacity building and coordinated execution.

Hmmm...so, since you came to office which one exactly have you done out of the 4 that you have mentioned? Seriosuly, be honest now. I'll point it out below...

Political Stability: Yes, it is stable. Only for one coalition and favourites one race against the rest. So much for racial integration when there is segregation of economic policies for only one race. How can it not be any stable when one questions a bit out loud he gets thrown into jail without trial. Penuh somborono.

*insert applause here*

Pragmatic Policy Making: Now really? Well, I remember the Look East Policy, I like Vision2020, I like the idea of AFTA...errr...what was it that Pak Lah formulated? Hmmmm....Islam Hadhari. Never heard of any of my religious teacher in school said there is a different form of the religion. There was only Pendidikan Islam in the timetable. Never heard of Islam Hadhari

Capacity building: Uishhh, has there been any since he moved in? Building collapsing got lah. So in what sense of capacity is that? Incompetency? The relavant Ministers seem to be very much busy with something else....like nothing. Thats why we hear all kinds of crap. Some can't speak english, some like monkeys, some like to say "I don't know", some like to sleep, some like to be bigots. More like there is ill capacity of great proportions.

Co-ordinated execution: Now don't make me laugh...but I can't help it..."WAaargghhahahahahahah~!!!!"

Enough Said.

Thank you.

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