23 August, 2007

Politician chickens out after a chicken dared him to a duel?

Sometimes I do not understand politicians. From one promise to another promise, from one campaign to another campaign it all keeps changing. How lah your supporters are not confused? What is said is never acted upon or does not reflect their actions. Worse still it contradicts all that one has said he would do.

Yet, year in and year out they still run for nomination and election. Yet somehow they still win. If I were to be scratching my head from 20 years ago until now on this issue I would be bald. No offense to bald men....you have been deemed sexy to a certain degree by women.

So one makes an open statement against another. The other takes it in and throws back a challenge. Than right after that the one who made the open statement in the first place chickens out and thus contradicts his statement made earlier. Looks like he is indecisive beyond any reason of a doubt. Thus a certain person of Bugis decent chalks one more point uncontested...again.

This is a ping-pong match. But after awhile ping-pong matches gets boring because no one is going for the kill. It is just trading blows and cheap shots and name calling. Now I have this crooked smile while cleaning my belly button thinking how ridiculous more all of this could get.

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