27 August, 2007

Social Contract: Relook

I wonder do I still have a tinge of confidence when every time this matter is raised. In fact every time the term "Social Contract" is mentioned I would roll my eyes and ask "Yeah? What's with that?". This is because time and again "people" would say the same things. The old will say it is what saved us. The pro-Malays or extremist Malays says "Bagus lah, lantak ler kaum lain. Ini kan tanah kita". So much bad blood about this social contract. But we all know that some take this as an advantage to earn more, to cause suffer to others and really not care what other ethnics become from it.

I know, yeah sure...I am breaching really sensitive issues here. But give me a break, if every time this issue is skirted and all of us start talking in a hush hush...tell me what will exactly happen from doing that? Would it make this country fair in governance? Would it make discrimination go away? Can we see kids today get along as well as they are now and be certain that they won't kill each other tomorrow?

Now UMNO club overseas are taking one step ahead and lead the head of their pack. Discussions are told to be underway to determine if does the social contract is applicable in the future. Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin lamented "We need to face reality. The majority of the young people today feel that they are not bound by the social contract or don’t understand it. They think they should not be part of the historical baggage," he said in his speech at the alumni’s 8th Annual General Meeting and Round table on Education here yesterday.

For some reason YES. I do not see the need that I be part of any historical baggage. In fact that is an understatement. I'll rephrase that to "I do not need to be part of any RACIAL or ETHNIC FAVOURITISM baggage". So what if our forefathers thought of it to save their children which is us now. I bet they did not meant it should last a million generations. They did what they had to do at that specific point of time. So now we just have to live with that and sit on our lazy bums and say "It's alright, my daddy did it all for me already when he was alive. Now I do not even need to lift a finger." Such an indespicable attitude.

YEAH, so do discuss and table whatever motion there is to be tabled. But if it just something to talk over lots of coffee, tea and scones about how we here are drinking teh tarik, nasi lemak and roti canai. You better think again. Because all talk and no walk makes you gain an ugly pot belly.

Happy Monday and 50th Merdeka.

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