27 August, 2007

Students protest. They cry for FREDOM.

I was not made aware of such a gathering or protest in front of Masjid Negara today. Perhaps it is because I was given the boot and this kind of information are only made known to students who are currently enrolled. However from Present Point of Power's coverage of the event, I must say from the images shown I could see no other than Malay Muslim students.

Where exactly these students come from was not made known but it was reported from all over the country. Honestly I admire their courage. I admire and support their cause and bravery to put a face to the name. If only I know in total of all those students which university are they from than we know who is at the toes of the government suckling obliviously and could care less when it comes to a coalition of students.

To Student leader Mohd Shaari Abdul Rahman (Secretary to the National Malaysian Muslim Association (Gamis) and Sheikh Mohd Ali (President of the Malaysian Graduates Solidarity (SMM) I express great admiration for your efforts. Although the event has been reported without disturbing incidences, I believe there will be repercussions. Just be warned that some will try to bank into your efforts to pinch glamour for their own gain.

Suhakam should not just say it that they will take action but instead should really take action. I would like to wait and see what is Suhakam's say in this and exactly what will they do. I also implore that the government and various political parties take note that we do not really have dormant kids in universities. They have minds that find interest in all sorts of fields. This includes socio-politics too~ So do not deny them this right.

What I suggest is to nurture these minds and hearts while coaching them towards the right path. DO NOT infiltrate their minds and poison their souls with ill intentions of supremacy, name calling, finger pointing, lust for power and wealth, corruption, cronyism and threats. IT is KNOWLEDGE they seek and FAIRNESS to live with so that one day all those in power today can be replaced by them tomorrow for a better future of all races and creed irrespective of what banner they fly above them.


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