30 August, 2007

To be Malay, Malaysian and Malaysia

I like shocking titles. I find that it depends on interpretation it can mean a lot of things. But for it to mean one way and not the other someone has to shut up and listen and understand. That is how something subjective can be narrowed down to objectives. Besides, if I were to be allowed to have a brain than I might as well think right?

Understanding that our dear country is filled with so many kinds of people and with a million and one attitude and sensitivities, is there a fine thin line in it at all? If it were to be translated to just numbers then it would be just so simple. But fact is, it is not and sadly all of us are in the thick of it all.

The title is suppose to reflect as an example. Now, it is exactly the way we think. We think of ourselves first that is why I put a race in front than we think of interest groups or society which comes under the Nationality than it is the name of the country to depict a stance and personality to the rest of the world.

Now what is this whole thing about which newspaper actually supports which wing or tail? Practicing democracy is not that simple. Has any of the politicians know that? There are questions of who's interest is more thought off more than others. There are those who question on the legitimacy and logic of certain actions by the government and there are those who actually does nothing but be content. There is so many mixtures within it that we do get confused sometimes.

Aren't we all trying to do what is best in our judgment? Your judgment and mine are different. It could not be the same. Like Tun Mahathir wanted to build a developed nation and so does Pak Lah but their understanding is totally different. But does anyone think of that? No, instead there is much more work for the courts and lawyers and even more bickering and name calling.

I diss my own race because every other ethnic has specifically no right to form such opinions and make them public. I know a lot of people who really do not care about the social contract that they are born with and some that bloody hell are so sensitive and they still do not know what was the story behind it all. Imagine cows being led by the ring pierced to it's nose to get the picture.

Now, whichever wing, heads or tails that you want to follow do go at it as you wish. But do remember that even your own blood relatives may not be in the same train of thoughts as you are. Their opinions maybe entirely different and you still can sit at one table and have a decent dinner together, as long as the sensitivities are not brought up and debated to the point of ignorant bliss.

But why when there is a debate it usually ends up in ignorant bliss? Simple, it is because of our so called principles are so high up our asses that makes introducing a new concept utterly disturbing the peace of that piece of principle that is firmly and comfortably lodged in the anal crevice. In simpler words arrogance. Now, I do hope after 50 years and 1 day of celebrating Merdeka to be, we are less pinched by the fact that there are actually ideas that are better than our own. There are other people from other ethnics that actually talk great common sense and we ourselves sometimes are so screwed up too. That way it should make each an every one of us ignore the first part of the title which is race and instead make it easier for us to be "Malaysians from Malaysia".

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Zaidi said...

All of us are disillusioned already to the empty promises.

The last thing we need to do is justify the politicians' failures with the excuse of complexity.

Let's go back to the basics. Let's be corny, listen to our hearts and be simple:

What does your heart tell you?

1) Do no evil.

The ends do NOT justify the means. That includes deception, lying and overzealous withholding of information about mistakes and wrongdoing!

2) Grow some balls.

You and I know the true mark of a leader is one who makes necessary decisions that a few will violently object to. But these need to be made.

Fire those who do not perform, offer promotions to those that strive to do so. How simple can it be? If you think this is difficult, it's because you've got no balls.

"An quick end with pain, is better than LONG PAIN WITHOUT END."

3) Fuck the race politics.

I don't know his agenda, but Keng Yaik said it best: The Sun exemplifies race-free discussion.

Help the poor. ALL poor. Help the ones with talent grow. ALL those with talent. Make it attractive for them to stay in Malaysia.

That's it.

Now we need a fucking leader with guts and a fucking populace with brains to vote him in.