18 August, 2007

When cigarettes prices go up what do you do?

Many smokers now are forced to downgrade to cheaper and less flavorful cigarettes after the last price hike. Luckily the government only mentioned cigarettes but not tobacco products. Thus the price only effects tobacco products that are pre-rolled and packed in 14s and 20s. I have found a very cheap alternative~! Yes I know, the health ministry will crucify me for spoiling their "Katakan Taknak" campaign. But hey addiction is addiction....urmmm...but I do not encourage kids to smoke.

Anyways to those of you who are of the legal age and crave for good tobacco take a look at my new kit. Well, actually not so new...I have had it quite sometime already but then it was just a novelty and style thing. Now it is pretty economical.

The initial cost is about RM30. What you need is shown in the image above. Starting from the top row is the tobacco. Make sure it is tobacco for cigarettes and not pipe. Between the tobaccos for cigarettes and pipes there is a lot of difference. You can use pipe tobacco but it is moist and a bit hard on the throat to smoke often. The best bit about these tobacco is that it comes in a plentiful of aromas and flavors. The one shown is a Domingo Vanilla. There is Cherry, Regular, Mango and even Chocolate!

To the right are filters costing about RM5 for 100 pieces, it comes in the normal king size filter and slim sized ones. These are optional but it is good to use the filters so as not to waste the tobacco and also prevents from your lips from suffering burns and minimizes the tar content.

Bottom row from the left is cigarette papers. This will normally come free along with the cigarette tobacco. But if you do run out of them, it is sold normally for RM1 for 50 pieces. There are 100 pieces packs too...retailing for RM2 per stack.

In the middle you have the roller. The one I use (made in metal) can be found in your local 7/11 for RM10 each. There are many types of rollers but I think this one is the best where actually rolling a perfect cigarette can be an art. Remember not to waste your money on getting an expansive and fancy roller. The RM10 ones does a similar job and sometimes even better after you practice.

Finally you need a lighter to savior and and cherish every puff. If you do not know where to get this than it would be better off for you to just "Katakan Taknak".

Tomorrow I shall give a pictorial on the step by step process of rolling your perfect "Roll your own" cigarette. :D

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wong said...

Now I know how... but I don't know where to get those tobacco la...