08 September, 2007

2008 Budget: From Rauff's point of view.

Everything sounds OK in the recent budget. Just one thing is worrying me. Professionals will have to pay service tax? Professionals to my common knowledge are Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants and Architects.

So this means a hike in their fees right? As for doctors I fished out of Malaysian Medical Resource blog that doctors are not included. Phew~! Those in tax, legal, and engineering are in the list for service tax.

Other welcoming points are no more school fees and text book loans for all students will be made available. Now that is a sure relief. But will there still be tax exemption for education in the personal income tax?

The rising concern for the disabled is an admirable move. For years these citizens have been living in difficulty now it would make them a bit happier to go out to vote in the next General Elections. I wonder if facilities for the disabled will be made available for the disabled or not.

IT wise? Hmmm...they want to achieve 50% internet penetration rate. In the current standing that is a tall figure to achieve. But it is good to know there are moves to improve ISP services across the land. I figure they better get WiMax out ASAP because our copper lines are not really as expandable and cost effective to mantain compared to wireless technology. But seriously this will take a few years at least to achieve the desired results.

I just hope there wont be any price hike in essential goods and services. Petrol will be bloody steep if it reaches RM2 per litre. They can raise the Sin taxes. I don't really care. But hands off the Petrol prices for the nest few years ok?

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