20 September, 2007

UPDATE: Anwar attempts to expose a lot with this video.

Something bad and ugly is brewing....
This video was found on Anwar Ibrahim's Blog and implicates certain people who's names are mentioned very clearly. From what is written in the article these are very serious allegations. What is true and which is what I dare not say or assume but if this piece of evidence (doctored or not again I have no clue or proof) will put a lot of people in trouble.

Now this is the latest update...a video with Anwar making a statement on the video shown above.
Video courtesy of Malaysiakini.

We'll see how it unfolds with great interest.

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Antares said...

Thanks for posting these vids. More explosive than C4 (but that's just my eccentric opinion; most Malaysians are happy to watch a fireworks competition at Putrajaya and then go home and gripe about the price of flour :-)...