14 September, 2007

Are we stupid or are we stupid? I think we are stupid.

I can't believe this. For the sum of all fear the government have issued Tsunami warnings thus telling everyone to stay well away from the shoreline Tsunami prone areas. But somehow Malaysians being so ignorant some even went and had a picnic waiting to see if the tsunami indeed arrives~!

So millions of ringgit have been spent for the warning system just so what? We could flock to the nearest shoreline and catch the first wave? We are not as insane as surfer dudes now are we? Come on, I do think we still have a tinge of common sense. When a tsunami warning is given just stay away from shoreline. Can't we just understand a simple instruction?

Full report in The Star.


wong said...

Those are Chinese, of course! After the stupid titik nasib, they know they have a "hard" life so no fear LOL~!

The millions ringgit of government had spend wisely but the nation don't use wisely now. Let see who is going to blame government to waste money la...

Gallivanter said...

Yeah, that was a stupid thing to do. I laughed when I read it. "Courageous" Malaysians - blech!