02 September, 2007

Baby looses limb because of consultation given over phone.

Thank you. What a good job the doctors at Klang General Hospital has done. A doctor on call actually just gave orders to the houseman over the phone and now this poor baby is less perfect for life. What could have been avoided turn out to be a disaster simply because of laziness on the doctor's part.

Upon seeing the sad pictures from NST I am disgusted. The parent's are waiting word from the government to decide on the matter. Well, in my humble opinion and judgment the doctor that was on call and did not turn up should have his license revoked. The houseman should be suspended and be given janitor duties for 6 months with matching pay of a janitor's.

Is it too harsh? I don't think so, since these concerns the future of lives. Doctors are trained to make decisions that best do not compromise on the patient's safety. He or she should never make a call if they are 50/50 on their decision. So it befits this case very well. I don't think I'll be seeking treatment in a GH for a bloody long while.

Full report in NST can be found here.

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