26 September, 2007

BAR council is still pushing but I dont think that is enough.

The Malaysian BAR is concentrating it's efforts to get a royal commission set up on the matter of the Lingam Video. A probe has already started to find if the video clip is authentic or not. Sure sure, probe into this and that and the BAR is rather smart too that just by probing the video they know that it would just be swept under some dusty carpet of past follies.

So, increase the pressure. But is the question is, is the pressure enough? I say a public inquiry should also be done and various NGOs should be very concerned as well. Judiciary system relates very closely to human rights. If this matter is not pursued relentlessly we all know that many bad people can go scot free and many innocent people will be charged with offences that they did not commit.

I still believe not only a royal commission be set up but an independent public and professionals inquiry also needs to be initiated. Because as we very well know...even the royals wait for the "recommendation" of the PM (Prime Monstrosity). Blllerrgh~

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