17 September, 2007

Between Party Loyalist & Country Nationalist

I have a rising concern. One that is of grave importance that with nearing of the elections above all reasons why do we VOTE and what for? Perhaps what I have envisioned for many years will only remain a vision. Perhaps all the world will know till end of days is division and sub division. But does the fine thin line exist?

Calling out to all Part Loyalist and the dying breed of Country Nationalist. What exactly do you stand and fight for? I would be called shallow if I were to take the meaning literally so that is what I am asking the question. Between loyalty to Party and loyal to country which supersedes the other? But of course all will say being a Nationalist is supreme over obligations to being loyal to a party. But seriously is that the reality? I think not.

For the last 25 years of my life and at least a good half of those years I have already began to understand politics. It's not a love for it in me but more of a knowledge to study. Human behavior has been a real interest to me as to how and why do people act in the way they do in certain situations given.

Party Loyalist:
Those who sign-up to a subculture of a general society which is in fact acts to preserve a common understanding of issues and rights that they have collectively to maintain order in a way they see fit.

Country Loyalist:
A society that was born and/or bred in one piece of geographical location that is governed and legislated by one system of order which should never see the differences of colour and creed. Acts upon and for the goodness of one and all those who are born and/or bred in that particular geographical location.

Above are my understanding towards these two groups of people. You know what group you fall in when all realize what levels of greed manifests in one self. But seriously think about it. Party Loyalist will undeniably vote only for that party that they are so called loyal to. But what happens when their ideals are no longer carried along in the party? They leave right for another party right? Almost correct~

They sub-divide within the party it self. It's just that simple. Then they fight amongst themselves. One tries to "kill" the other. Double crossing, lying, bribing, blackmailing and many other forms of threats slowly grows and grows and grows. Reminds me a bit like Jurassic park. Perfect survival of the fittest scenario.

Country Loyalist hates interventions from the outside. Simple rule of thumb, If you are not born here not a drop of your saliva will count. Pretty simple. But why I say Country Nationalist are a dying breed? Simple, they are eaten alive by the greed of Party Loyalist. Party Loyalist only wants power to maintain whatever they like to believe in. Even worse when it is racial centric. There, these loyalist will practice favoritism to the colours and creed that all of them have signed up and paid a flat annual fee. But if they don't like it any more they can just simply....not pay the next annual fee. Sounds all to similar to having a membership at your local golf club huh?

So choose....which one are you? To be born as a member or to pay to be a member? Are you just collecting handicaps or are you willing to let your blood seep to the ground?

p/s: Do not be fooled with so called coalition methods. That is just a bind of Ink to paper. Blood still runs thicker than Ink. My blood runs in red...what colour do you bounce?

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