14 September, 2007

Caution: Carefully inspect food stalls during Ramadhan before buying

This is not official. But is serves my duty to remind Muslims and everyone else that frequent Ramadhan Bazaar or stalls for their break fast food every so often. Yes, certainly the amount and variety of food is beyond our normal gastronomy adventure. So here is a few tips to ensure that your innards does not turn into jello for the next few weeks~

1. Inspect the stalls and the attendees of the stalls. A hygienic stall will always line their tables with clean plastic or table cloths every day for business.
2. Ensure too are those manning the stalls are properly attired. Make sure aprons, hats or caps and gloves are worn.
3. While packing the food make sure thongs and fresh food packaging is used.
4. Once you reach home take out all the food and place them on clean serving plates. DO NOT serve in the containers that the food was sold in.

A better alternative is to bring your own plastic containers when you are purchasing your food for break fast. Owh and do just buy how much you can eat and avoid keeping the leftovers for Sahur. Food that are not well prepared will not last at best more than 6 hours. So a good way is do not be greedy~!

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