06 September, 2007

Cheating Highway Code Test.

One more stamp to add in the corruption books. What I simply do not understand is that why would someone pay over RM100 to just skip and pass the test? It is only 50 questions and it is on rotation of 400 questions. I mean they have books published with all 400 questions and answers.

When I was getting my driving licence I scored a 49 over 50 for the Highway Code Test. And I finished it in about 20 minutes. Now this explains why our drivers are so rude sometimes.

I find that the test is very important because it makes us practice the habit of proper driving etiquette. Now the ACA will start charging those that they have caught in fixing, rigging and cheating the system. After all these years we thought that it's the system that is too lenient. Well, now we know that is not the case. TSK TSK TSK....I wonder how many people died in road accidents because of this. We will never know for sure.

Full report in The Star.

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