13 September, 2007

Chicken prices to stick.

Yup, no change to chicken prices ahead of Ramadhan and Syawal. Buffalo meat is cheaper by RM1 too. But let us be confident here. Someone will always sell higher when one area is just so desperate for chicken. People will still buy because we are such a chicken loving country.

Here is the full report sourced from The Star today...

Ceiling prices for chicken to remain


PUTRAJAYA: The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has decided that there will be no ceiling price changes for chicken for the coming festive season.

Poultry traders had been protesting against the lower ceiling price of RM5.60 imposed for chicken last week.

A discussion was then held between the traders and relevant authorities on Tuesday.

However, the ministry said in a statement Wednesday that the retail ceiling price for standard chicken would remain at RM6 per kg while the ceiling for super chicken was RM6.70.

The wholesale prices for standard chicken and super chicken are RM5.40 and RM6 respectively.

The retail price for live chicken is RM5 per kg while its farm price and wholesale price is set at RM4 and RM4.50 respectively.

The only major change for the coming festive season is the lowering of the ceiling price for imported buffalo meat from India, with a retail price of RM8 per kg, which is RM1 cheaper than the current RM9.

The wholesale price for buffalo meat has also been reduced from RM8 per kg to RM7.

The new ceiling prices for buffalo meat take effect from Thursday.

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