16 September, 2007

Do I want Sarah Montague as PM of Malaysia?

The recent HardTalk episode of Syed Hamid Albar and Sarah Montague has recieved mixed reviews. I have been observing other socio political blogs and for some reason after reading a few it gave me a foul aftertaste.

I got an anonymous comment on my entry on the matter. Let me just post the whole thing here for the convenience of my dear readers...

Anonymous said...

Don’t agree with your analysis. Those in the know can vouch that Syed Hamid was lying through his teeth to get out of the corner.

“Malaysia allows inter faith conversions. They just have to go through the processes.” Reality: This in nothing further from the truth especially when if comes to conversions out from Islam.

“Lina Joy wanted to change her name on her ID and this is not allowed.” Reality : Lina Joy applied to have her religion recorded in her ID changed from ‘Islam’ to ‘Christian’. She did not apply to have her name changed.

“All the races in Malaysia are happy with the race relations right now” Reality: Need I say more?????

“Ethnic Indians are richer than Malays” Reality: Most Indians have remained as labourers and working in plantations all these 50 years as if time had stood still.

Please do not be too hasty to interpret his composure for the truth. Some people are capable to put up a straight face especially those that have so much experience in deceiving their own countrymen.

Clearly this is an opinion and everyone who is anyone is entitled to it no doubt. However a rebuttal on that opinion is also just. This is my take on the Minister's predicament (Non-nationalist need not read this part).

A minister represents every citizen in the country that the minister serves under. So as representative to all us Malaysians I think he has done exactly that. Protecting our internal issues from being dissected by some pale man or woman from a country that is thousands of miles away that has no inkling what sambal belacan tastes like.

For some apparent reason the point that this minister said on a few counts that "Yes, we do have problems" puts everything clearly already. Not all 25 million citizens of Malaysia are happy. That is impossible. But we do work out differences in ways that most Nations can just dream of.

From Ghostline I fished out the last line of a posting about this interview..."Excuse me while I check the Constitution to see if there’s anything to prevent us from importing Sarah Montague as our Prime Minister!" May I ask what nonsense is that? With all due respect if more and more of us starts thinking this way we can and shall be colonized again. Now that deal is simply hard to digest and the struggles for the past 50 years would simply be wasted. I am sorry Ghostline...you can check the constitution right down to the last super script. I doubt you can find anything that will make your ridiculous idea come true.

What I see from the BBC interview is that Syed Hamid Albar simply did what he had to do in order to save all our faces and stating that no foreigner can or should ever meddle in our country's affairs. Opinions can be said but still it will never be put into any substantial account since Non-citizens can never have any rights in any country for that matter.

But indeed it is sad to really find some individuals who play the racial issues to a hilt and cock a gun to prove a point. It is also sad to know that there are amongst us that thinks that we would be better off allowing a foreigner to head the administration of our country. If this is a sellout....I say we shall all be naked to the bone somewhat akin to selling our souls to the devil.

If Malaysia were to fall to a foreign power expect to see me in the front lines aiming head shots and skinning balls and skulls of the foreigners and traitors.


mahaguru58 said...

Well said Brother!

Read my latest article about these anonymous cowards who seem hellbent in selling out our nation to foreign devils!

They are traitors who must be hunted down and decapitated for their treacherous ideas!

It is as the saying goes, " A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".

They'd never know the value of the independence that we have till we are colonized again!

These upstarts usually have never experienced the hardship that our forefathers went through living under the foreign occupiers!

I am with you in this stand.

bibliobibuli said...

i'm sad i missed the interview

Protecting our internal issues from being dissected by some pale man or woman from a country that is thousands of miles away that has no inkling what sambal belacan tastes like.
as a "pale woman" interested in human rights, i'd say that the internal affairs of any country should be open to international scrutiny. a country doesn't have a wall around it.

plus hardtalk is watched around the region too so i guess some brown people might be interested in what is going on too

Zackaria Brach said...

1) I'm quite shocked at the violence expressed here. If you continue this, it serves to reinforce the fact that Muslims are in fact intolerant, and viciously, inhumanely violent.

You want to hunt down a fellow human being and DECAPITATE them??

Because you can't convince them using words and setting a good example?

THEN. FUCK. YOU! You're not making things any better.

Imagine if I cut off your mother's head, just because she expressed a few honest opinions.

Who's the hyprocritical, irreligious, intolerant traitor now who gives Muslims a bad name?

2) Ghostline expressed his frustration as a satirical joke. You actually took him seriously that a British journalist can be PM? If you did, I don't know where the hell your sense of humor and understanding went to.

You're entitled to your opinion and he's not?

And this is not a matter of colonization by "whites". If an African or Indonesian journalist was brave enough to psoe the same difficult questions, Ghostline might have expressed the same sentiment.

It seemed that YOU are the one that have race-based eyes that choose to pick up on the fact that she's white, and her country has colonized us before.

If you do not like Ghostline's joke about making her PM, then fine, just say so. Don't have to hunt for "colonization" conspiracies where there is none. When you do, you reveal more about your bigotry than the one you are trying to condemn.

LC_Teh said...

The way we are currently wedged between a rock and a hard place, we are like being colonized all over again, this time by the same people we voted for. We gave a thumping victory to someone we thought stood for clean and fair govt only to be screwed and stomped into the ground. So much for the rhetorics of 31st August!!!

Cherwith said...

Come on..of course it is ridiculous for some to say that she become our PM.perhaps it was a joke I don't know but still makes it ridiculous. Its not very nice to label someone pale....I disagree with certain statements you make.Yes I do not want a foreigner to rule our country...but she asked the questions that syed dodged. If he did not want to answer why bother agreeing to the interview?The problem with most of us is that we do not want others to criticize us especially outsiders that's understandable for it hurts and we have the notion of who are you to judge but the same thing happens in the country. Citizen themselves are not allowed to criticize or risk being put under certain laws.The fact is that syed although he was diplomatic and did not shout or behave unruly he did not answer her question.Why does it matter whether she is a foreigner, a local or whatever.truth is still the truth however you want to look at it, don't you think?Yes we hilang muka if our laundry is aired in public but why has it being possible that it is aired in the first place?Cause we let the country come to this stage...that just my opinion...thus we have puts ourselves in the open