06 September, 2007

Dysfunctional judges.

The title does piss off many people right? Especially judges. But lets face it....what do you think the public would think when a report like "More than 1,000 convicted prisoners in jail cannot appeal against their sentences as Sessions Court judges and magistrates have not submitted written judgements." IT means that there are some judges that are not doing their job right?

Responsibility is a responsibility and there is more to it than just taking the oath that thou shall allow justice to prevail. Perhaps they should amend the oath that judges take to specifically state somewhere along these lines "...I solemnly swear and promise that I will do my paperwork for every single case that I am involved in within the week." Sounds ridiculous ey?

The judiciary system is to be impartial and just. NO taking sides, no "duit kopi" and etc. What sort of confidence do we have now for such an important system? It is to maintain our country to fall into chaos but I think there is a bit of old skeletons in the closet. I say whoever that can do reveal all the shit that is been in hiding all these years. NOT to make them loose face because they have already done that by themselves. Just to shed some light like a National Parade Float.

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