21 September, 2007

Extra Audio clip further puts Lingam and Tun M into deeper mud.

After finding the two videos yesterday and reactions from many-many blogs the main media only carried this story in a small article and instead used the poor girl Nurin's case as a front page report. I was unsatisfied thus I told my self there should be more stuff on this matter.

I went snooping around further and I found this audio clip on the Suara Keadilan Dot Com. The voice is of Lingam as recognized from the video talking to "someone" that they could not identify.

Listen to sound clip here.

On top of that I also found a press statement made by Wan Azizah, president of PKR on the matter pertaining to the Lingam's Video.

I am appalled by the major media's reluctance on publishing this matter to the public to highlight the concerns of a major tampering of the Judicial System. What is the use of law without order being upheld in the highest regard?

The Lingam video as well as Anwar Ibrahim's press statement can be found here.

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