17 September, 2007

Hallamak ZB~ I totally comprehend your stand.

Now now....I think this is getting a bit out of hand.

Dear ZB and all the rest who reads these pages of mine,

Let us all be rational here. How important our country is to us I bet is the same between you, me and the rest of the Malaysians. However the gravity of how we express our tireless Nationalism are very different between each other.

Go ahead trade whatever comments and opinions. But please do not go overboard and say whoever is a bigot and all the what nots you can possibly think off. But whatever it is let this be my public apology for making you go through all the trouble of posting a very long comment in explaining your self. As well us both for assuming each other did not get the whole point in the first place.

As for Mahaguru I have no fault in saying what he says is wrong or right. Everyone here is free to post their opinions. And I being the author of this blog have every right to highlight any comments and make it a published article to support my views and rebuttals.

If anyone wishes to explain in further detail on any of their comments please do so in your own blogs and make a backlink to the source that you retrieved it from. That way it should serve as good healthy reference as well as help drive more traffic to each others blog.

I believe that the more opinions given and the more rebuttals and explanations received, all of us could have a better understanding of all possibilities that could strike our future in Boleh Land. Just let us simply leave personal attacks on individuals in their respective blogs rather than lashing it out on others.

p.s: I love to know if you do have a blog of your own ZB. Because I bet it will be an interesting read. :D

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