14 September, 2007

Hamid Albar HardTalked all the way.

I came across Mahaguru58's posting on Hamid Albar's interview in HardTalk hosted by Sarah Montague. After reading the posting I promptly proceeded to watch the interview myself. For the entire 28 minutes of the interview I was completely in awe of how this senior minister handled the interview.

I was not surprised at all at the issues being brought up by Montague. In fact if I was going to corner a Malaysian minister I would certainly pick no other different topics. But here is a very seasoned politician and minister. How could a journalist or reporter could think they can "Tarpau" a man of such calibre and experience without doing sufficient homework. Clearly Montague didn't have enough sources to do her homework with.

Anyhow, on what Hamid Albar said on we are a nation that has matured and that is why everyone is questioning actions by the government....I can safely say that is true. From the many public projects, the funds used all the way to Lina Joy's case. We are indeed maturing. But it is a good many heads that are thinking aloud here.

We have the government regulated media and now we have alternative media like blogs and independent news portals to give us more information. What else do you think that would happen? Obviously the differences in details will be questioned and obviously we will always want answers to them.

In a cabinet of ministers there are many heads. All trying to do a job in their best capacity possible but we can't expect perfection like clockwork. There are errors and mistakes made but more efficiently instead of just making noise and complaining...solving a problem is proven to be much harder.

Ethnic diversity and religions is really what adds colour into an other wise dull mix. Somehow we are blessed to be unlucky with the burden of managing so many differences all at once. But as Hamid Albar said, "that does not mean we are not trying". We have every right to try simply because each and everyone of us is a Nationalist just like him.

We want to be live happily not in perfection because we know we are mere mortals in the end. It is OK if everything is not perfect but what makes living worthwhile is how we overcome the many obstacles and still come out of it smiling at one another. He is right, we should not care what foreigners have to say because they are out there and not in here like the rest of us blessed with a Malaysian citizenship.

Religious practice and ethnic tradition is not the reason for us all to be divided. It should be the gist of every reason that we should instead be stronger and steadfast in holding our country dear. Tell me, which religion that preaches hate and implore it's believers to be greedy hounds and scoff down the riches of the country like pigs? NONE.

Hamid Albar admitted that there are problems. That is a brave man....We too have to admit that we have problems instead of sweeping it under the carpet. Only when we recognize problems we can think of ways to solve every single one of it. We have to stop living in denial. We have to stop it now.


Anonymous said...

Don’t agree with your analysis. Those in the know can vouch that Syed Hamid was lying through his teeth to get out of the corner.

“Malaysia allows inter faith conversions. They just have to go through the processes.” Reality: This in nothing further from the truth especially when if comes to conversions out from Islam.

“Lina Joy wanted to change her name on her ID and this is not allowed.” Reality : Lina Joy applied to have her religion recorded in her ID changed from ‘Islam’ to ‘Christian’. She did not apply to have her name changed.

“All the races in Malaysia are happy with the race relations right now” Reality: Need I say more?????

“Ethnic Indians are richer than Malays” Reality: Most Indians have remained as labourers and working in plantations all these 50 years as if time had stood still.

Please do not be too hasty to interprete his composure for the truth. Some people are capable to put up a straight face especially those that have so much experience in deceiving their own countrymen.

inspigoblog said...

Lina Joy was known as Azlina Jailani. Lina Joy applied to get her religion changed on her IDENTITY CARD. I am not sure about the name change. Why the need? She is Lina Joy. She is a Christian and nobody is persecuting her.That fact remained unchallenged.

I am a Malay. My name is Muhammad Khomeiny, I am a Christian. Does it matter? Nobody is persecuting me. Nobody is trying to burn me on a stake. I do not intend to challenge the intrepretation of the constitution.

Because of Ananda, samy Vellu and Tony fernandes, the average household income of Indians has UNFORTUNATELY shot up. Lovers of truth believe that Poverty is color blind.

Anonymous said...

Whether anyone is persecuting her or not is not the point. Whether anyone is persecuting you or not is not the point. If the matter seems that small, then why all that hassle on just changing that very small detail on the ID card? But it is not.

You may not care about what you are or your identity but some people do.

If the government claims that they allow inter faith conversions, then it should be applied, people too should be open-minded about it regardless of faith, and none should be afraid of their life for doing so either.

I wonder what makes you not pursuing this matter openly? Afraid? If yes, ask yourself why. I can smell fear in your sentence :-)

And please....I think you must be colour blind yourself thinking that average household income of Indians have shot up. In your case, it must be selective blindness.

I wonder how many Muslims are sponsored to study overseas for free or with a job guaranteed while the non-Malays having to cough up blood to be able to do the same. And funny enough with the quota system in the higher education, Malays seems to have the majority seats while the rest have to hunt for private education, just to achieve their ambition to be a graduate, having to mortgage their homes, taking loans, borrowing money and they are seen as financially well off??! Open your eyes!