12 September, 2007

Happy Ramadhan~!

The jolly month of Ramadhan is here again~!

To all Muslims you know what can and could not be done. So simply abide to it will give you a chance to avoid the burning in hell for too long a time. For those non-muslims do respects those who are fasting.

But there are things to be shared during this holy month. For instance the variety of food increases. For non-muslims it is really a refreshing change. More food and more spending. I will be looking forward to Ayam perchik, lots of Nasi Briyani, loads of kuih-muih, Roti john, Murtabak, every sort of Mee, Mee Hoon, Kuey Teow, Yee Mee and other noodles.

Owh but the best bit it the Arab dates that will make entry into the local supermarkets that would make one be spoilt for choice. Haiihh~ still have to watch that diet or else I can't fit in my pants. Hahahah~! Heh..heh.

1 comment:

sYaFa~ said...

r u sure u'll gain weight during ramadhan?u r skinny bro,no way u'll be a pumpkin..