05 September, 2007

Doing without privileges

Headlines from the SUN

Well put. But I am wondering if the DPM says this does it mean anytime soon? HE says when we (Malays) are ready. I wonder who is he going to ask that question. Is it his BEE ANN comrades? or those at ground zero like you and me?

I am not putting too much hope as to even think that it will happen in 5 years. Perhaps in 10 years there will still be privileges. Perhaps economic aide is not the real cause of it. It is far closer to the roots. Start with the education system. We'll see who comes out tops.


moo_t said...

Give it 20 years, when the WTO and whatever global condition wipe out all the incompetent. Too bad.

cakapaje said...

I find such a statement from one who all his life have been living with privileges a real laugh! Has he forgotten his banking brother too soon?