16 September, 2007

I am a Bigot, intolerant Muslim and vicously, inhumanely violent?


Heated comments from Zakaria Brach. I am wonderfully not surprised to see who is who as a bigot here. Politeness is not a trait of his or is it he is using words to "politely" express his views on my take on being a nationalist? Well let me just do a spiffy copy and paste thingamajig here again to make his dear comment in full view for all to read. Now that would be fair in this democratic country right? But first read what I wrote that caused our dear friend here to be so urmmm...articulate in his words.

Read "Do I want Sarah Montague as PM of Malaysia?"

Done? Thank you...now you can continue reading his take... :P

Zackaria Brach said...

1) I'm quite shocked at the violence expressed here. If you continue this, it serves to reinforce the fact that Muslims are in fact intolerant, and viciously, inhumanely violent.

You want to hunt down a fellow human being and DECAPITATE them??

Because you can't convince them using words and setting a good example?

THEN. FUCK. YOU! You're not making things any better.

Imagine if I cut off your mother's head, just because she expressed a few honest opinions.

Who's the hypocritical, irreligious, intolerant traitor now who gives Muslims a bad name?

2) Ghostline expressed his frustration as a satirical joke. You actually took him seriously that a British journalist can be PM? If you did, I don't know where the hell your sense of humor and understanding went to.

You're entitled to your opinion and he's not?

And this is not a matter of colonization by "whites". If an African or Indonesian journalist was brave enough to psoe the same difficult questions, Ghostline might have expressed the same sentiment.

It seemed that YOU are the one that have race-based eyes that choose to pick up on the fact that she's white, and her country has colonized us before.

If you do not like Ghostline's joke about making her PM, then fine, just say so. Don't have to hunt for "colonization" conspiracies where there is none. When you do, you reveal more about your bigotry than the one you are trying to condemn.

Cool, so now I am the one who gives Muslims a bad name? Tell me specifically which part? Perhaps the part where I mentioned Skinning balls and skulls and aiming head shots? Why should that be alarming? When I have clearly stated "If Malaysia were to fall to a foreign power..". Sorry but perhaps formatting for this blog is a bit too small for you.

I have stopped using profanity in this here blog but I do not stop my readers for leaving comments with such words. One may have different vocabulary capacity than others so I have to give a bit of chance there. But seriously point taken that I do instill violence somewhere but it has to be said something has to happen first and when all diplomatic methods are exhausted only desperate measure need to be taken.

I can't let a foreign power walk into my beloved country and hand out welcoming drinks and waving the Jalur Gemilang and shout "Selamat Datang" when their intention is to colonize and strip me off my birthrights. I do respect everyone's view on this but everyone has to respect and accept rebuttals on their views too.

So HardTalk is watched the world over by all colours and complexion of skin. But apart from human rights that merely anyone can observe, intruding in the business of a country which someone is not a citizen in is simply like trying to shout at a rock. We are talking on running a country here and not about Islam and how Muslims today resolves problems.

Ghostline may have been satirical, but has anyone thought that it is remotely possible and a nightmare if it were to happen? A foreigner as PM of this country? Some would say why not? While others will say "No way that is going to happen". Now I belong in the latter camp. So what is wrong of me stating where I stand on the issue of "what if we are to be colonized again?".

Montague had her reasons to pry open on issues that is akin to us Malaysian dropping our pants for the world to see. I do not tolerate such gangster journalism and reporting. Thus it was nice seeing her being served by one of our ministers for a change.

Now now, do leave more comments. Because seriously I love reading them. It is better to share opinions to the world and get feedback on what others think. At least all of us would know where and what we can stand on.

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ZB said...

Dear blogger,

I am delighted my comment have been highlighted and emphasized.

But amused and laughing at how it has been taken out of context, how it has been incredibly misunderstand and how defensive it has made the unaccused.

I will say it simply at the idiocy of this:


His resort and call to murderous intent deserves the highest condemnation and derision - it creates a cycle of doom in the face of alternatives. Bear in mind I used words, I did not threaten to "HUNT DOWN AND DECAPITATE" mahaguru.

It scares me that you reacted so defensively, since it hints that you share his outwardly-pious but has no qualms about decapitating. I also notice even in your response to other bloggers you have not denounced Mahaguru's call to decapitate just because of a comment. Even if someone kills his loved one, he should let the law punish the murderer by hanging. Therefore your silence on his comment but full attention on mine drives a big wedge into mutual understanding.

Thank you again for highlighting my comment, and for also highlighting how the current ruling party has screwed with our minds so that we are turned against each other. And have made violent murderers out of people who call themselves religious.