10 September, 2007

Khairy - FAM Deputy President?!!!

HE initiated MyTeam YES but other than that what made the rest vote form him as second man of FAM? The 32 year old being the youngest ever Deputy President of FAM said that it will take time for the newly elected committee to start improving our nation's luck in football. Well, considering he does not come from a football background and plays it on weekends just like the majority of us makes me think like "That means I also can become Deputy President of FAM~!".

Surely the latest victory of our national team was the Merdeka Cup and someone has the cheek to state that we are still the best in South East Asia. Hahahahah~! Let me laugh at that one nice and loud.

As the way I see it again YES what Khairy says is maybe true about that it will take time....just exactly how much time do they take is a whole new ball park. MyTeam is little league Khairy and to manage a whole country's football calender and development is another. If you were an ex under 23 national football player you have my vote.

But the sad thing is you don't. I bet Shebby has better experience when it comes to football. Besides, without his coaching and selection process your MyTeam would have been a major flop anyway. Watch your arse because you know how rowdy our football fans are....don't talk balls from this day forth.


Josh said...

Apparently any chimp also can be FAM deputy.

din said...

well, Shebby is experienced... in talking