27 September, 2007

Lawyers march unbecoming you say? What more nonsense from Nazri?

Apparently some ministers can keep quiet. But some have to simply give out statements even if their cat died. This is rather apparent to the infamous Nazri Aziz. Obviously he took the situation of the Malaysian Bar march in Putrajaya yesterday not really well. Hmmm...actually what on earth does he take in well anyway?

Anyway, to lash back or create an excuse he says it's the opposition idea of creating distrust to the judiciary system. But what bugs me is his statement of "No crisis, no problems. I don't see any scandal."

Obviously he can't see any scandal, or else how can it be called a scandal if it is in plain sight? Now, for whatever reason or point he wants to say it, the Malaysian Bar has applied the pressure. So there will be more paperwork for him which I hope would keep him out of public sight for a tiny bit of time. Honestly I have gotten fed up with whatever statement that Nazri Aziz have to give. It's like putting up with an empty tin can to your ear. Sounds hollow and lacks weight.

Nazri, do not tell us there is no scandal or corruption or whatever. Simply telling won't work any more. Just do your job to prove it alright? Prove us wrong with an investigation and evidence.

Report can be found in the NST.

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