17 September, 2007

Look at what you have done oh UiTM~!

For the sake of your MALAY students you devour your own kind that are helpless. What else do I have to say? The images tells the whole story. FYI...this was like 2 days before the fasting month started. I am ashamed....so very ashamed~!

All images are from NTBN


sYaFa~ said...

why anyone tak do something about it..seriously so kesian bro~

Rauff said...

I am thinking of going for a visit this weekend to see if there are any changes to the condition. Wanna go?

Chibster said...
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Chibster said...

hey, when and where? Better yet, I can get a friend of mine to mobilize a relief mission of sorts.

I'd appreciate the details. Just contact me through MSN;