22 September, 2007

Main titles on Malaysia Kini reports.

I just thought of compiling the major titles for the reports on Malaysia kini.

  1. Boycott the Chief Justice, lawyers urged
  2. PM: No need for royal commission
  3. Najib: Gov't to verify authenticity of clip
  4. A two-para 'No comment' from Ahmad Fairuz
  5. Poison-pen letter against CJ finally surfaces
  6. Kit Siang: It's Fairuz at the other end
  7. Lingam tape: Shame, shame, shame
This are the seven (7) titles in Malaysia Kini as on 21st of September 2007. That is easily more than half of the major reports on the Independent Online Daily. Makes you wonder what is the use of the main media right? Precisely, my point exactly.

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