06 September, 2007

Malaysian queers up for astronaut's slingshot into space.

Hahahah~! This knocks me up~! Hey I do not know how far is this true but the rumours have been going around for ages that one of our space cowboys is in fact well....un-naturally bent. Hahahaha~!

Now, if I am wrong I really apologize. But if it is true? Won't that make us a good laughing stock? Now I dare not suspect any such thing because it's really a great thing to have a local boy in space. But...well...a queer one? Hahahahah~! So sorry~ but I can't help my self. I can't help but to think that if it is true. IT is one hell of a sucker punch.

Owh and the queer launch will be aired on all local TV stations. So pick up those pom-poms and fly that rainbow flag...eh-heh...silap...Jalur Gemilang. Hahahahah~!


KY said...

I seriously don't see that being in space has anything to do with his sexuality.

Rauff said...

OWh...its the other way around really. How his sexuality did for him to be in space. But I just think that the rumour is very funny.