24 September, 2007

Mum cages girl outside overnight.

One family looses a daughter in a tragic manner while another family likes to lock up their daughter. Paranoid? Not really....the 7 year old girl is locked up in a steel cage outside her family's lavish home in Seremban 2.

What has the world come to? Now if there is someone who is to be charged for negligence towards children this lady in Seremban should be the one. How could you cage a small child overnight?

Full report in The NST.


KY said...

the link goes to NST, not the star

Rauff said...

whoopss...sorry...I had both windows open. Will rectify that in a jiffy. Thanks.

Gallivanter said...

This is where the child protection act should come in, clear cut. As for Nurin's case, the public prosecutor should not pursue it as it's not practical (too grayed).