05 September, 2007

Nay to Climate Change Agenda - Rafidah

The Apec summit is to be held in Canberra and there are rumours that the main agenda will be climate change. Our Rafidah doesn't agree to it if it is going to be tabled. I guess she only wants economy related issues. But anyhow she will only be at the event for less than 24 hours. That wont make much of a fuss since Pak Lah will be in Canberra till Saturday.

The Kyoto protocol is a dead fish in the water. This is what happens when resolutions are non binding to member countries. Their reason simply being that it won't be fair to developed nations such as Australia that is rich in natural resource. Obviously the big guns are not interested in matters that has anything to do with lower profits. Self centred I say.

Full report in The Star.

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