17 September, 2007

The oppressed bunch of Boleh Land.

How is this? Year in and year out students get called under tighter and even more restrictive regulations. We certainly do not mind that much but if it is up to the point where undergraduates are treated worse than illegal immigrants what sort of confidence is that suppose to give these students that the education they are getting is any good?

University elections are hotly contested. Pro-Aspirasi lah....Pro-pembangkang lah...what utter nonsense? If AUKU restricts students to be involved in politics why have campus elections in the first place? Why have groups that are called pro-government and pro-pembangkang? Some sort of monkey business is that?

So those who are against the administration are called leftists. A bit too simplified isn't it? In fact it is too simplified that many students would agree with me that AUKU is pretty much a mini ISA. Why? Simply because decisions and verdicts can be made in a tribunal that is judged by the people from the administration themselves.

Of course one can bring in their own witness or lawyer if they so wish but the decision making process is already bias in membership. Like me, I am still waiting an answer from the Minister of Higher Education. My sources say that an enquiry already have been made to the university on my student records as well as my case. But it has been over 2 months. Are you people just trying to sweep my case under the carpet?

I bet the same thing would happen to the bunch of kids in the Laptop confiscation case in UPM. Good for the kid because he had friends who were with him all the way. Unlike me it was a bit more difficult and a bit annoying because I dare to say that majority of the so called Malay friends I have are chickens. I really admire other races in this case.

But anyhow in general, university students in this country of mine are treated like kindergarten tots. Half are old enough to vote but AUKU prohibits them from being involved in politics. Which is kind of stupid because if one supports the pro-Aspirasi crap than it is OK. If you are a leftie than you get marginalized to the point of being oppressed and bullied. Gangster administration and ruling party I say.

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Chibster said...

Ntahlah, in my law school it's hard to even get someone willing to be a candidate to begin with.

The last time it was a win without contest, most of us just shun the whole process. The Dean asked me once, but I just couldn't bring myself to join something which feels empty anyways.

We may try, but 'tis an uphill crawl.