29 September, 2007

Paedophile, billion dollar records lost and UMNO youth suing opposition?

Yawn~ It's a lazy Saturday. Woke up turned on the PC and start checking the jolly weekend news. WHooaa...what is this? Paedophile? Records on billion dollar deal destroyed? Suing opposition? Ackkk...if I did not remember that I was fasting I would have down a jug of water to quench this choking feeling.

I am not too much in the mood to post on each of this individually. A bit long winded for a Saturday if you ask me, so I am just dumping everything here. Firstly paedophiles are connected to the murder of Nurin. That is not much of a shocker but what it really seems to be is a job of more than one person. Police have to believe that some form of child pornography syndicate is involved.

Finding various children's clothes in the trunk of one of the suspects cars seems to confirm the suspicion. But more has to be investigated, especially what is contained in the hand phones of those they have detained. The detainees are graduates mind you~! Degree and diploma holders who I suspect are pretty much jobless apart from the "business" they are running. Oh dear me....our society is getting from bad to worse. Now the government can't blame us if more and more do not feel like staying in this country anymore. If I can, I would love to leave this place where foodstuff in asses is not a novel idea.

Lim Guan Eng is asking questions as to why records of a multi billion dollar Naval deal has been reportedly destroyed. Rm6.75 billion ringgit of a deal is not a tiny sum and every single sen should very well be accounted for especially since it is the rakyat's money we are talking about here. A pile of documents do not simply just disappear. As an information management graduate I could pretty much agree that documentation for any deal will serve up to the accountability of any project or deal. My suspicions is the same as Guan Eng's. It's not that why it is destroyed but more to who destroyed it. From there the reason should surface....there is a stench of corruption everywhere these days.

UMNO youth to sue opposition. Now this is THE joke of my weekend thus far. How could anyone sue the opposition? I do think it somehow runs against the statute of democracy if there is still any left in this country. So lets say I am not a member of UMNO or any political party am I liable to be sued as well? Maybe...so why not sue me directly Hishamuddin? I have my own political beliefs which does not fall in either your camp or the opposition's. Accusations of UMNO youth for the Batu buruk incident is not done only by the opposition. The rakyat too believes that there is a higher hand involved. Since the higher hand is always the ruling party in this darn country so tell me why not we point our fingers to you and your cohorts?

Remember it was you Hishamuddin, who was waving a weapon and threatening others. It is also your cohorts that went so low to name calling of monkeys, karaoke singers and what ever other nonsense. If UMNO youth and UMNO it self are not conscious of their public image do take some time and watch the various videos on You Tube. Tell me if you do not think that anyone of you have acted as uncivilized and uneducated politicians. So yeah...sue me and sue anyone else you like. Because seriously the public has lesser confidence of you, your party, the police and even the judiciary system for that matter.


Yatz said...

hmm..a billion dollar records lost is a more satisfying thing to be heard of if they want to "eat the money", rather than spending RM5k on a RM50 carjack..

i guess we are not a democratic nation anymore?? let's all join the corrupted government shall we?

Cherwith said...

UMNO Youth are becoming a real joke la..like a circus.....as time goes on...