27 September, 2007

Praying for a short walk to JUSTICE.

It is obvious there is an abuse of power in every single public and independent system. The Malaysian Police have been known to harbour corruption for ages. Well it is partially our own fault also for the many ringgit spent on buying them officers coffee. But now an even more serious matter is at hand. The judicial system have been abused and compromised. But exactly who and how is has still yet to be determined. All we have is a video with some Lingam mentioning names.

Now the Malaysian BAR has staged this peaceful march to hand in a Memorandum. What should happen now is that the PM takes affirmative action. If he shuts up for too long he should know what the public will think of him. And once the public think that way it is very hard to change it.

So far no statement from the PM himself can be found that he has RECEIVED and READ the memorandum. So I am hoping so much as for him not to just shut up like he always does. The people want to know, the people has the right to know and trust me sooner or later the truth will be revealed...if not by an investigative commission than it will be by GOD himself.


Anonymous said...

i tot u know everything abt govt...but then again..*sigh*

i've got a good view on it kat ofis hr tu..so far FRU pun tak bising2 suruh blah..hujan dh turun diaorg terus cabut..klu nk picket,buat dgn seluruh juwa raga.ni tak,hujan je ramai yg terkedek2 lari..wat a scene.haha

p/s-do u know dat PM takde kat msia hari tu? *sigh again*

Rauff said...

Hoohooo...I think I know who this is. Someone from PTD~ Anyway, tak reti baca Inggeris kah? It is a peaceful march...not a picket. Does it really matter if the PM was there or not? As long as he gets the Memorandum and act upon it sudah lah. Nak kerja ngan gomen kononnya nak berbakti pada negara dan bangsa. Tuh kutuk rakyat aper hal?