11 September, 2007

Rendang to go into space.

There are many things that can be done on a space program. Mostly science related. But I guess we have to do it one step ahead. I hear it will be many first for this nation. Lets start off with..."Selamat Hari Raya di Angkasa Lepas", famous cooking show perhaps? "Kuali Terbang do Angkasa Lepas", what about "pertandingan memakai kain pelekat di angkasa lepas"? I bet that would be fun.

Apparently rendang will make it's first flight into space too. Haih...why increase the payload with heavy foods when there can be more important things to bring along? What is the purpose of the Space Mission anyway? Isn't it supposed to be for science? I bet Lat can do the perfect comic for this scenerio....our astronauts wearing sarong sipping lontong from a straw while doing each other in the ass. Nice....picture perfect and our future is set for greatness. I want my tax money back.

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