14 September, 2007

Tremors felt again and Khairy gets a baby boy.

More tremors felt over at this side. An Aussie researcher said it was by sheer luck that there was no tsunami. Huh? Now seriously luck is all that can be said by a researcher? I mean how lucky is that Peninsula Malaysia decides to hop and shift a tiny bit below where it is supposed to be just to avoid a tsunami? Not a chance right? So there should be a good reason why there was no tsunami.

Also based on paranoia, people working in high rise buildings in KL vacated their premise of work just because they felt tremors. Hmmm...surely I bet it would take a bit more than tremors to bring some building down. Unless of course it was constructed like a deck of cards. Honestly I didn't feel a bloody thing while at work yesterday. Owh well, I might have a thick skinned butt.

On a happier note (not much but a bit) congratulations to Khairy and Nori for getting a healthy baby boy. All the better on the first day of Ramadhan. But seriously I do hope the kid has traits from his mother rather than his dad. Hopefully by being a father now it would somewhat increase the maturity of this Khairy so that he talks and acts like an overseas graduate and not like a monkey which seems to me is his favourite animal in during childhood. Owh...wait, has he passed that? Oh yeah~ he is a father now. Heheheh~!

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