18 September, 2007

Varsity Election rules to be fixed . Dream on.

Err...you mean it has never been fixed before this? Why is it that this whole varsity elections thing is a big fuss with the ruling party? I am not saying government because by right the civil service is of a separate entity and only serves to the administration of the country not to serve political interest.

AUKU says that no students can be involved in politics but in reality this is contradicting. Simply because even the simplest core of terms are used to mimic actual political stand between pro-government (I call this pro-ruling party) and pro-opposition.

So exactly what is to be gained from Varsity Elections? Well first and foremost it is supposedly to have student representation in the senate to "fight" for better facilities and everything else that matters to being a student. But those who have been into public varsities know how dirty can it get.

Year in and year out there is something that is bound to cause a stir on campus. Although there is no clear link of outside intervention but many vouch that there are such close proximity of politically influenced individuals with those running in the varsity elections.

Fighting for more tables, computers and buses are certainly not in the agenda. Who would be stupid enough to believe that? There is something more at stake. Future politicians today start very young. As soon as they step foot into public universities that are bombarded by so called administration loyalist and opposition cohorts. They are told to pick sides, and ensure them so called better future campus life and beyond. Pick the wrong side and you shall me marginalised for the "mistake" and end up like many bright students who feel cheated of the higher education system.

Who dares to tell the true tale? I can only see it from the surface and already I shout "BULLSHIT~!". As for the dream of having a fair election in varsities....truthfully it is only a dream. For as long as the administration of the varsity is involved in the process of the elections there will never be a fair election in varsities ever. Perhaps may I suggest a separate non union and non profit organization to be set up to function just like the Election Commission should do a bit of justice. Just a bit~

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