31 October, 2007

Places of worship not torn down depends if leaders make an appearence.

This is some repugnant shit. Seriously~ I would like to bash all parties for this. One~ Why did FRU had to use force? Second~ MBPJ and MBSA are known to have such ass holes as enforcers. Third politicians are such pricks. Yes of course I am pissed. So pissed that I feel revolted by the action of such an organized crime.

Crime? Yes crime? Tearing down and destroying anything that is not your is a crime right? Regardless if the land that it stands on is not owned by that person or community but you have to consider that destruction of private or public property is a crime.

And to be just and fair why is the Hindu Temple spared? Why was the Surau destroyed? Simple....the Hindu Temple is still standing because the leader of the Indians came down to protect them. What about the Malays? Nothing? Ziltch? Even the Adun didn't come down. What makes that so farking great of the Adun not to come but a Minister by the name of Samy Vellu can come down for his people.

From that rises another question, Mr. Samy is a minister that represents the government. The government is chosen by the people. Thus effectively Mr. Sammy should protect not only his fellow Indian machas but also the abang2 and adik2 of other races. But no....that did not happen.

There are ways to solve things...in this case this is certainly not the correct way. Although this community was living on government land illegally but they do pay for other services and other taxes when purchasing. I bet you too that some did go out to vote~ At least treat humans like humans. Not like some herd of brainless herbivores.

I wish for a lot of changes. I want those changes made. I want justice, peace, respect and harmony for all races. Lets start by fixing what we did wrong in the past and that was to vote for an incompetent bunch of fools such as Mr. Sammy....protects his party members but calls his own component brothers mosquitoes. And where is UMNO in all this? Still in Terengganu is it? Chasing millions in project tenders for ECER while back home your village folks loose the roof that shelters them from the sun and rain. One word~ POOrekii~!!!

More from Tumpang Sekoleh.

Mr. Samy ~ Did you forget that mosquitos can bring deadly desease?

What is a coalition? It means a co-operation of two or more parties or individuals with a common cause. Now Samy Vellu obviously does not understand this as he takes a swipe at the People Progressive Party (PPP) by likened PPP to a mosquito.

Need I say here that Samy also forgets that Mosquitos also bring Malaria and Denggi so it is best that he watches out from now on. Already the famous hairline obsessed man keeps sputtering things out of context now he seems wanting to bring a riff of intimidation between component parties. What I can sincerely say is with over 30 years of politics Samy has not learned one bit and the times have changed just like his hairline but sadly his brains has stunted growth.

Full report in NST.

Top notch bookies for all over the world.

Interesting~ Gambling online is slowly creeping into this side of the world. Already in Asia we have Genting and Macau as well as other illegal gambling dens. The illegal ones are a different story altogether.

What many don't know is that our locals here are very much into sports betting. Come any sports event there is sure to be speculation and money put on the table. But doing it this way is a major pain and headache. the favourites are top usa online casinos. Simply because the system is robust and obviously it give many returns. The top 10 online casinos bring in millions of foreign revenue every where. Simplistic navigation it just get a gambler right into the game.

Just be careful, gambling bites back.

Constitution is just a piece of paper.

Some bright mind this Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi has. Delicate observation of his came to a result that the constitution is almost nothing. Reason of being is that the Parliament has almost certainly unlimited power and it is not govern by the constitution. He gave the example of Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 that states the Minister has absolute power to his discretion.

A point well put if I may say so my self. He laments that freedom of speech should be limited by the grounds of the constitution and not by some minister. Once it is vested to an imbecile thus the freedom of speech will be as useful as that imbecile that gave the orders.

By some margin this proves that the constitution is nothing more than a piece of old paper. But do we the people realize how bad things have become based on the choices we have made? There is an absolute imbalance of power in the ranks of the ministers. Even more so when Nazri Aziz says he is the minister of judges. Somehow it sounds bollocks. Ultimately this is what happens when we keep on voting for the wrong people and continue voting them for the years to come. Progress should not be on the shoulders of moronic and idiotic ministers.

Full report from the NST.

Woman gives flower to PM. Security was lacking.

If it was Mr. Bush than his guards would have stopped the woman. But not here in Malaysia, a woman coolly walk up on stage an towards the rostrum where Pak Lah was giving his speech. She gives him a flower and something else in a plastic bag to the PM. But all was hunky dorry~ she was escorted off stage and Pak Lah told his men and the police not to harm the lady.

So it is that simple for anyone to cause harm to the PM if they want to ey? Some security personnel this country has for it's top people. I wouldbe better of hiring gangsters I guess.

Full report in NST.

30 October, 2007

Only 40 in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

Apparently school kids are not the only ones playing truant. Our MPs have that indisciplined habit too. The session of the Dewan Rakyat yesterday was a shameful disgrace to the institution of democracy of this country.

Apparently the event that was worth playing truant is the launching of East Coast Economic Region in Terengganu. Well obviously all of the MPs absent has and eye for the future but to deliberately drop all that is at hand of current issues and debates concerning the country is totally irresponsible. Session of the Dewan Rakyat started at 11pm and ended at 11:45am. Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib ordered the officer of the parliament on duty to take down the names of all those who were absent.

Obviously, running for something that has not materialized seems to be an obsession of the MPs rather than handling matters at hand that can change for the better of the people is of least importance. Plus yesterdays session was a complete waste of resources and funds for the 40 who came to attend the session for only 45 minutes. I guess the ECER was far more enticing to the odd 179 MPs whom I bet not all went to for the launching but perhaps used it as a reason to escape from their responsibilities for other personal leisure or business engagements.

All is ready~ perhaps just a bit too much bullshit.

What a rush. A lot of things happening right after the Aidilfitri holidays. Somehow many have taken a new vigour in what they do. Our "angkasawan" is back greeted with a sorrow fate that his brother passed away. Sultan Azlan Shah calls for a reform of the judiciary mechanics. Can we hope for a better one? Election Commission says they are more than ready to get on with the General Elections.

But what actually matters most in all this ruckus? What should shake us all up to rally together? Apparently everything. Business has been very good all the sudden. Well not really all the sudden (remember the public service got a wage increase) but many have been warned that arising from the judiciary there could be problems. This one was especially told to foreign businesses and fellow counterparts.

So many things happening the year 0f2007 is slowly coming to a close and some parties would love to end it with a bang. More for the bad reasons I presume. All can be said is that our market is as volatile as a petroleum is to fire. But looks like the ruling party is going all out for the next GE campaign. Can't really blame them....they like it up there. Bu as they say....what goes up must come down.

29 October, 2007

Think~ and act now~!

"Be a Kiasu" Royal Professor Ungku Aziz advise the Malays.

It's been awhile since this great man spoke. But when he does you can be sure it is for a very good reason and it makes perfect sense. Royal Professor Ungku Aziz said this and I bet a whole lot more which included “kiasu” attitude is among seven virtues for Malays.

How is this not really surprising? Now for a very distinguished person like him who is really a think tank would surely find a lot of simple logic to this. Since the UMNO general assembly looms nearer it should be a good topic to debate. However many traditionalist (the kindest word I could find to describe a select group of UMNO members) would find this a smack in their faces and vehemently protest to such a thing.

I can imagine what exactly these people would say..."Kita mesti mempertahankan adat dan tatasusila Melayu~!". But seriously is laziness and content a good trait for any race for that matter? I certainly would agree to a mind shift. A shift of mentality has been called for for the past 20 years by many government policies but perhaps those were too subtle. A good shake up and drill down of a new Malay thinking should be in the cards right about now. It's just that I have a gut feeling that the orthodox Malays has always a thing to bitch about when it comes to being Me-LAYU.

Legacy that could be taken on-line.

Lim Goh Tong may have legalized gambling in Malaysia. He may have build that huge resort on top of a hill. Good views, healthy air fun for the family. But Lim will always be known for that one casino that started it all off.

Should in any respect that now the Genting group should venture into online casino? Perhaps really good relations with the government Genting might have a chance. but market demand maybe bleak locally. For obvious reasons the market should span to the rest of the world.

Perhaps one of the most organized online casino would be Pro360 dot com. Just like any regular casino they have the usual favourites as well as sports betting. But should Genting consider it seriously? And above all that will the government allow such venture to materialize? It's a gamble oh it's a gamble.

Pak Lah realizes ther we (Malays) complain a lot.

It must be a glorious Monday. Hence this piece of news article caught my eye. Our lovely PM notices that his own race complains a lot and keep pressuring the government to give more than what Malay business ventures can give back. Well, he might be slow but at least he notices.

Now, I do hope that he also come to a realization what is the true cause of all this complaints. No, certainly not tardy government services or badly drafted policies. It is the many incentives, discounts, rebates, special treatment tha comes along with the so called special rights of the Malays.

Sometimes the rakyat don't really know what they are asking. Sometimes the government don't know what they are doing. So what the rest of us should be doing is smack the old man once in awhile to wake him up from a daze of his whirlwind job description to recalibrate it for the good of this nation.

Full source of report from NST.

Thank you gracious Google.

Amidst the frustration of many, especially the commercial bloggers out there I was almost on ends worried on my pagerank. But Alhamdulillah, after finally not really bothered of what the pagerank to this blog will or would be like and concentrate on better content I think Bullets of Quills and Ink has been given due credit.

Previously a PR3 after just 6 months of set up of this blog now about a year later it is a healthy PR4. Of course I am very happy about this, all the more when this blog is not intended that much for commercial value. But a sound and due recognition by Google could potentially subsidize my venture into more commercial content on my dot com which in fact has jumped from a PR0 to a PR 2.

Hopefully more better days are coming since 2007 is coming nearer to a close. Especially on a political front. Insa'allah and Thank You for those who read and are supporters of Nationalism.

26 October, 2007

Is Goh Tong really a great citizen?

I can't seem to agree what the media has been reporting. Of course we talk good of those who has just passed on to eternal life but to claim the Genting man a great citizen?

He is a well known philanthropist no doubt but at the same time he is a man which has made many people loose their money. The amount of trouble that his casino has caused other citizens of this country seems to be clouded by the fact that he gives out so much back to the community. But imagine if that casino was never built and he gave his riches for good cause from doing a different kind of business. Won't that be far better?

Regardless, gambling is never a good thing. Legalizing it is as good as allowing cocaine to be sold at night markets. I have never heard anyone say gambling is a good thing. Families go into crisis, loved ones are lost, husband and wife divorces, property sold off to pay debts and what about the many people who have died in accidents either on the way to the hilltop casino or just going home from it.

I am sorry for the loss that his family is suffering from but reality check here he also has brought a lot of misery to the people of this country who gamble their money away to only end up mostly in Goh Tang's bank account. In my opinion he was not really a good man or citizen.

Mob's Crib hit it right in the ribs.

I like Mob's visual perspective on current affairs of this country. Take his current hit on the ACA. Correct, correct, correct~ Ouch~!

25 October, 2007

Thursday shorts: Too sick to blog that much.

This will be posting number 800. To commemorate that is a hell of a stomach ache which I had since yesterday. Thank you Darulsalam SS15 Subang for not cooking your sambal properly. Thank you also for making my boss really upset as to why I am MIA. Anyways, that old man should chill a bit. I have delivered all my work and all I do is waste precious bandwidth surfing the net at the office.

To sum up what has been going on in this beloved country of mine....
Another girl is missing now this happenend in Georgetown, Penang. Is it the elusive Nurin murderer? Everyone is guessing it is but this time it is not some "Have you seen my cat?" story. This girl went out to by a VCD and bare in mind that she has no VCD player or even electricity at her house. Puzzling it is.

ACA has gone full swng in nabbing and investigating cases of corruption. Big or small the amount it does not matter they claim that they will nab them all. The leftist will think that this is a ploy of the ruling party to gather the waning support for the next GE. Some say that the GE will be in March next year. Sheesh...more speculations but with recent activities no doubt that it is near.

Ceiling fan falls on two kids in school. And these kids are like only 7 years old~! Poor them. Damn the school though. Well, can't really blame the school as yet. But how else can a fan fall off the ceiling if the maintenance schedule has not been kept? So we can blame the school right? What else could happen? More attention need to be paid in protecting the safety of the country's most valuable asset. Certainly some investigation is being done.

Now, in a bizarre accident....flying diesel tank from a lorry hit 2 school girls who were on the way to school. One escaped death while the other was announced dead at Klang GH. I can't imagine the horror of seeing a flying diesel tank hurling towards you in a split second. Simply...terrifying.

I should really get to my medications now. Dehydrated like the Sahara.

23 October, 2007

Rock that cart~!

What is a shopping cart software? Well we all know what is a shopping cart. A cart usually made of iron or aluminum with wheels at four corners that you push around a store to fill it up with stuff that you want to purchase. It makes the shopping experience more convenient and faster. For the store owner it means more sales since you can carry more things in a cart than with your two hands.

Same concept for a shopping cart software. But instead for a normal store it is applied to an online store. A sort of virtual store which you go through on the net. I just keeps everything you want to purchase in a neat list with other specifications for that particular product stored. When you are done you just need to proceed to a check out like any normal store and pay for your purchase. Simple ain't it? No need to bother the detailed workings of it, just as long you know that whatever you picked up and paid for is delivered to you withing the stipulated time.

Those who has old IC like me are eligible to vote in next GE.

HEheh...looks like the ruling party is actually desperate for votes. With those of us Malaysians who are yet to change to the MyKad (I have not changed mine) will still be hoped for to give in the crucial votes that BN needs in the next GE. Knowing BN can be too confident at times, it goes to show that the pressure is on them so as not to deny the ten of thousands that have yet to get a MyKad.

Personally I don't really fancy the MyKad since it is rigid like an ATM card and spoils easily. On top of that I don't see the security features are that great anyway and most of us still prefer the old laminated driving licence. I'll change to a MyKad once the elections are over I suppose although I dread going to public service offices.

Thanks in no part to Nazri Aziz for giving out the statement to the media today.

Full report in NST.

Uncle Lim: The legal gambling man has passed.

From the Star.

Tuesday October 23, 2007
MYT 1:29:11 PM

Genting founder dies

PETALING JAYA: Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, founder and honorary life president of Genting Group, passed away at 11.20am Tuesday at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre.

The tycoon, who turned 90 in April this year, was renowned for his vision in transforming Genting Highlands from an unexplored hilltop to one of the world's most successful casino resorts.

The fifth child in a family of seven children, Lim migrated from China's Fujian province in 1937 at the age of 19 with only a small suitcase and US$175.

The idea of a hill resort was chanced upon by Lim amidst the crisp air of Cameron Highlands in 1964. Lim was then working on a hydro-electric power project at the popular hill resort, patronised mostly by British colonials seeking cool refuge from the tropical heat, when he foresaw a prosperous Malaysia of the future desiring a cool mountain holiday resort within the reach of all Malaysians.

To date, Genting Highlands Resort has five hotels and two apartment blocks at the hilltop and Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort.

The company, founded in 1965, has since expanded and diversified from its initial hotel and resort activities to plantations, properties, paper manufacturing, power generation, oil and gas, electronic commerce and information technology development under Genting Group.

According to Forbes Asia, the Genting Group founder was third richest in the country with a net worth of US$4.3bil (RM14.6bil).

Lim is survived by wife Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua, and their six children and 19 grandchildren.

Hmmm....90 years alive and all he brought in was essentially gambling. Tun M just lost a friend I suppose.

Anwar to jail if do not comply to ACA.

The Lingam tape has become a very sticky case. After the video was made public a public uproar ensued and Lawyers marched to ask for a Royal Commission. Now all that is left is for Anwar to hand in the original video which is 14 minutes long as compared to the one released to be only 8 minutes. So called protecting the whistle-blower it seems.

What deal has Anwar struck with the whistle-blower can be anyone's good guess. But the ACA is becoming impatient and some quarters have already pressured for Anwar to be arrested. What is Anwar trying to prove? If lets say he is acting for the sake of the dignity of the country than the video should have been given way earlier on.

Many suspicions rose from this. Is some people just waiting to pounce on the whistle-blower once the identity is made known. Could it become a classic Mafia tale....certainly clipping the man may prove to cover some other bigger hidden agenda. But everything is still mere speculation. Is there a conspiracy? Or perhaps the video was really referring to something else entirely? Is our Chief Justice the man to put the finger on? Or is it Lingam? Is it only revenge that Anwar seeks?

A million and one questions surrounds this issue and yet the Royal council has not made even a whisper on this matter. The last thing we do know is that the CJ has asked for and extension and somehow EVERYONE has to listen to the PM. If it is true Anwar wants to help he should obtain the original video and hand it to the authorities. But before he does that he makes a copy of the video and get to terms with the whistle blower to show up for investigations of the allegations.

Water waste: Stop that leak


The most abundant resource on earth after sunlight. But managing it seems to be a habit of reluctance sometimes. Often taking it for granted it is a very valuable resource that could take the best of us if not properly managed. Millions of gallons per day are wasted worldwide just from one cause alone....leaky faucets or Taps.

Simple DIY maintenance ensures that no wastage occurs but somehow again we take things for granted and leave it off to another day. Taps should be serviced at least once a year and any parts that are worn should be replaced. Online stores like Taps4Less dot com. Thousands of products that concerns the use of water can be found. From normal taps to bathtubs and jacuzzi. They even have those electronic taps that dispenses water like magic. Definitely water saving cisterns, taps and shower heads are available so you can save the world's natural resources for the generations after yours too~!

Balding politicians.

Can't blame them but do notice that a fair majority of politicians develops patterns of hair loss at a fairly early age. Perhaps the pressure of serving the people. I think of only one name in Malaysian politics that is so often associated with hair loss. Samy Vellu. But he is a strong chap and mind you he has had hair implants to keep his head from becoming an oasis. Many ways but it is the cost that takes the toll.

Here comes provillus. Over 90% success rate in treating hair loss without undergoing some form of surgery. It acts like fertilizer for your hair follicles to grow. Think of it like gardening that benefits your looks. Now isn't that something. For more stuff that works visit Trust Source Dot Org.

Mr. Samy launches book. I hope it has no poems of his.

OK, this is amusing but strikes the curiosity chord in me. One part of me says "Bloody hell~! Is there anything about him that we don't know?" and the other side says "Off course there is, give the old chap a look in a different perspective." Looks like this will be the next book I'll buy next month. I just pray really hard there are no poems that he penned published in there.

More info at DatoSeriSamyVellu Dot Com.

You should think like a Malaysian Pak Lah.

So, I can be fined RM50K for insulting this country's leaders. Behind a mask of a so called democratic country the administration hides and the sly and cunning rob the country off it's funds for personal gains.

Technical books priced as over RM10k? How stupid was the person approving the purchase in the first place. Goes to confirm that what idiots are holding what positions in the public service. Even when a peaceful march was held to hand in a petition on the enquiry of the Lingam tape some ass hole decides why not call a few lawyers for police questioning.

Now this has to be the joke of the day. Why Pak Lah says these things also I have no have no idea. "Think as Malaysians. Not Malay, Chinese or Indian" Duh~ First and foremost for 50 years the mindset has been practised throughout your party's rule. Do you think any of us asked to be treated differently just because we are pimped to be coloured as such?

For as long as the Malays think they are entitled to "Special Rights" that is how long that people of this land will always think about their colour. All the mechanisms that clearly does not put every soul in this country on a level playing ground could and should be abolished. I am talking about levelling it down....not level it up. Get rid of that 5% discount on property. Forget about the many boarding schools specifically for Malay kids. Tear down or build on top of the mono-ethnic university so it can be benefited by all that are born Malaysian and not just born Malay.

More and more as time pass by the more absurd matters become. What is with the tactics of the ruling party? Just because elections are coming we have so called announcements of good dividend payouts. EPF is said to be offering a higher dividend and so the same is speculated for ASB and other PNB products. What a subtle way of bribery. What is the ruling party trying to do? Buy our votes so all of us could contribute more to their coffers while no substantial progress can be made on the social front?

Of the 25 years of my life, I have never felt even more jilted this year compared to the past 24 years combined. It is simple Pak Lah, unless you are indeed blissfully asleep there are some just simply taking advantage on how bloody gullible you are. People on the street calls you "Lembik". The many proof that you doze off in events does not bode well for your future really. Yeah of course your ass is on fire but you wanted the hot seat in the first place. So live with it and do something tangible. Owh, and for your information the message should not only go to students but to you and your merry men as well. Think Malaysian not by political party. Kapish?

22 October, 2007

Trickling ink.

Very often (more than I like to admit) I run out of ink on my printer. I print out a lot of articles for casual reading and in the midst of that I fail to notice that my ink is running low. Obviously it gets to the end of my nerves, it usually happens dead in the middle of the night. Thus I will be left "Hi and Dry". So I thought there should be a better way to stock up on the cartridges without having to run around town searching for it most of the time. Bang, like it's my lucky stars I found Cartridge Finder Dot Com. Just name it, every single brand s just right there and each link links you to a webstore that has it in inventory. Super~! Simply super~! I'd don't know what to do without the net these days.

Leaders can insult us we cannot insult them back. Tiu~!

As originally reported in The Star

11 sites shut down by MCMC


KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 11 websites, including those created by bloggers, have been shut down by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) this year for contravening rules and regulations concerning the publication of information on the Internet.

Energy, Water and Communications Deputy Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said two cases have also been brought to the Attorney-General's Chambers for action.

He added the Government could take action under Section 211 and 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 against owners, operators or writers of websites who misused the Internet to spread slanderous comments, insulting the country's leaders, religious sensitivities and race.

Those who broke the law could be slapped with a RM50,000 fine, one year's jail or both, he said.

WTF?!! Insulting the leaders of this country is wrong? You got to be kidding me right? Exactly what kinds of insult that could not be tolerated? Lets say I call Nazri Aziz an idiot....slap me with a RM50k fine? Preposterous~! I vehemently protest~! When a leader spits at the rakyat calling us names and do not exhibit the highest degree of discipline why should we not mock and insult him?

If it is wrong it is wrong lah~! Why can't we say a bloody thing about it? What? Leaders of this country so great mah? Wei~if we don't vote for them they wont be there in the first place lah. 100% Bullshit this is~!!!

Nik Aziz: Smokers are like animals

I do not understand leaders these days. Why people in their stature have to resort to such vile discriminations of certain types of people in society. I do not question his intentions (which is good mind you) but the delivery seems to be off in many respects.

Calling people who support you animals indirectly seems to show that he might be of a higher being than the normal human. But since he is called as an Islamic leader that could not be used. Often I keep questioning the political secretaries. How come these types of statements are let out to the public. Surely there should be a more better way in saying it.

Perhaps I might be wrong. It is not their political secretaries fault. These leaders have their own brains too. But more is to be desired from their immaculate sense of wrong timing. Looks like leaders of both sides favour this tactic of referring the people to lesser beings. Makes me affirm my vote for the next elections, "I vote for none of the above".

Full report in the Star.

Loose writer.

Makes me sound like urmmm....a whore. But it is an interesting point. Thank you non-supporter Marea. Whatever it is that you live by and believe it is entirely your right. Thus I have nothing to say about that. But your term and typifying me as a "Loose Writer" made me thought of something. Would it make a difference if I didn't read?

A claim that is obviously not though out. In fact I did read, everything and what makes me available to whoever it is that wants to shut me up and put me in my so called place. Yes, I am well aware of that. But again law is always based on interpretation anyway. So what makes whatever anyone says any right or wrong from what is in the books?

I got my reply from the varsity all right and as expected the appeal has been denied and the judgement stands. Sincerely I don't give a hoot about what they do behind those desks of theirs but paperwork is paperwork. Along came the letter from the varsity there is no proof whatsoever that the decision has been reached. Yes I am referring to the letter from the Ministry of Higher Education and from the minister himself. I wrote personally to the Minister with his name obviously on it and no reply on his behalf at all.

So this got me to thinking. Just a letter stating that my appeal has been turned down by the ministry is not enough. There was no copy of the letter from the ministry to the varsity notifying that the appeal has been rejected. For all I know no letter was even sent. Heck, how I would not know for sure do I?

So as a matter of me "loosely writing", I shall "loosely" write to both the minister as well as the varsity demanding that a certified copy of the letter from the ministry to the varsity is to be mailed to me as proof that such a decision has been reached. For in all their laziness I have the right to see those letters because it has my name on it. Simple check and balance....you wan't to claim something? Bring forth proof.

All I did was call the VC a FAT LYING PIRATE. Seriously, many would agree he looks the part too. I hope the old man's diet is working well after Aidilfitri celebrations. As for me? I am enjoying and proud of my life to be no longer associated to a mono-ethnic university.

Mortgage consideration.

Mortgages undeniably lessens the burden when acquiring property. But sometimes a re-mortgage is needed. Although it is very seldom the case but knowing that such a facility exists is a good thing.

Many try to source cheap mortgages but somehow it may have many restrictions and options are rather limited. I would rather go around and make comparisons between plans. There should be a mortgage plan that suits you with the least amount of burden. Remember to consider all the fees and re-payment period. You wouldn't want to be caught off guard with unknown fees later on. Because it can be such a pain not knowing the full obligations to service a mortgage.

With a glitch and he is back.

The 10 days stint is now over,
Some goats had to run for cover,
When he arrived he was slightly off course,
A computer glitch was said to be the cause.

Now Soyuz is offering another chance,
To shot another one of the boys in the arse,
Sometime in 2010 or 2011 so it seems,
We'll see how the budget will bust it's seams.

Full report in the Star.

20 October, 2007

DUI: Problematic lifestyle.

The bunch above are far from being the Three Stooges. They are lawyers. Yup, those you pay to get you out of trouble with the so called law. Ex-prosecutors some of them are they have all the expertise you would need if you were to get into trouble with DUI charges especially. Although it is common fact that Drink & Drive is not a sound policy to put a spot for you in heaven. More like the otherwise would happen. But that is a different story.

So until you get called by god, the courts would have torn you to bits first. But if you would like to see another day of blissful beer chugging motoring wholesome fun, These are the blokes that you should pin up like mug-shots on your fridge. They could come in handy. Especially the 24/7 private consultation for Southern Californians.

19 October, 2007

For the integrity and competence of the Cabinet of Ministers.

All of us have heard the term "Audit" right? Perhaps it is high time that Ministers sit for periodic exams for compliance purposes. See if any of them are up to scratch on policies as well as the constitution. It makes perfect sense to have it. To point fingers at we have 2 ministers which repeatedly are incapable of the doing the list below:

1: To keep their mouths shut.
2: Think before thinking of speaking.
3: Study and bloody rehearse what needs to be said.
4: Telling the truth.
5: Holding their post with dignity and integrity.

Seriously JPA should consider to implement such a periodic examination for Ministers as to not make our country and it's administration parade like clowns in the eyes of the people and the world in general.

I am a suicide bomber? I am funny too~!

Awh gawd~! Meet Achmed the dead suicide bomber. But seriously I am in no way related to this fella. Somehow I find it very funny. Hahahahah~!

Achmed The Terrorist - Watch more free videos

Super Deal: Get detained by ISA today and be eligible for cash prizes~!

I don't know if it has ever happened before. But this dude is one lucky man. Abdul Malek Hussin was detained under the ISA in 1998 without being a clear reason as to what was he arrested for. Well, I bet at that point in time he felt he was the most unluckiest man in the country. But now he is RM2.5 million richer~!

But again, he should be a very smart man since somehow with all the lack of trust and confidence in the Judiciary somehow perhaps a tiny hope remains. Then again I might be wrong to assume that way. Corruption may work in so many ways. I find it also amusing that the court clearly states that the detention was political in nature and not in concern for National safety. Errr....since when is ISA NOT used for some moron's political advantage?

Anyway, to En. Abdul Malek Hussin all the best to you and put that money to good use. Your kids looks to have a very able and promising education future. Bravo~!

Full report in NST.

18 October, 2007

Voter relocation: SPR has fire up the ass.

Walking into a petrol station this morning to get a box of chocolate milk I caught the front page report from Berita Harian. As soon I reached the office I turned on the PC and went to Berita Harian Online. Yup, clear as it is the title read "SPR dedah penyelewengan".

That is it we are really f**cked now. Corruption is in every single system there is in the government as well as it's affiliated organization to supposedly protect public interest. The best bit? No action has been taken against the Assistant Registrar for unauthorised relocation of voters.

At least there is no more suspicion. It is in plain sight. If one has been caught, I bet there are a few of them involved. On what basis would an idiot do something out of the norm of their responsibilities if it does not give "extra" benefits? So will an independant investigation body be set up? Will the monarch interfere this time? Or will it all be the snoring "I don't know" and sweep the issue under the rug acting?

Full report on Berita Harian.

17 October, 2007

King MUST act on PM's advice.

Why can't the truth be told plain stark and simple that the Agong is a mere puppet? If the advice MUST be followed then it is not an advice now is it? So if it is not an advice what can we assume it to be? Order? That seems to be more accurate.

I am talking about a report in the NST on the extension of Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim as Chief Judge. As when investigations is still on going on the infamous Lingam Video, Nazri Aziz has to state this as a matter of important fact. Now, tell me if this is not an artificial limb reaching in on the procurement of judges in this country. It simply goes to show that the nominations and selection of judges are already high handedly predetermined by none other than the PM.

Let us assume that our PM is somewhat screwed somewhere in the upper regions. Thus his judgement on picking a critical judiciary component will be compromised. To solely place the selection of judges on one person itself is somewhat not right. To nullify the authority of the conference of rulers is in every way not right. So what makes our system right in the first place? Nothing.

But what can we do as the people? Simple....vote for someone other party the next time around. As for Nazri Aziz, the name it self makes my stomach turn and as for the PM he better be sane. Hopefully the wife screws him good and makes him happy. An unhappy man makes irrational decisions you know.

Full report in the NST.

16 October, 2007

Oddities: Skin art lovers

Lots and lots and lots....of weird hobbies exists these days. And as the saying always reminds us so often, "Birds a feather flock together". Well, that is true for birds as well as us humans. Funny how they come up with these saying sometimes. But I know for sure birds do not have tattoos but they do have different displays of extravagance to attract a mate.

Perhaps that is how tattoo dating goes about doing urmmm....painful attraction. Yet, there should not be a reason why tattoo lovers can't get to know others with the same skin deep hobby. There are tattoo personals which cater to the mild and extravagant tattoo aficionados. All they need is a good chance and like a colourful tattoo blossom into a blissful relationship. No matter if it does not workout, the important thing is being friends.

Half a million proposed for each "special" school.

It is a bid for a better education system. It is a bid for better graduates and an educated society. I agree that steps need to be taken to ensure all that. 10,000 schools nationwide and a hand-picked total of 60 schools only will be chosen. Tie each of these schools with a local university is a good thing too but RM 500,000 for each of them is proposed for their annual budget next year? Hmmm..... it's a bit unfair isn't it?

The intentions are noble in the highest degree but the execution is somewhat faulty here. After reading the report in NST I can't fathom what more blunder that could happen. The education system has fallen to the dogs. Survival to the fittest. Already the higher education system is very much loop sided. Now elementary schools has to fall victim to this too?

What sort of mechanism that is going to exist here will only profit a handful. Everyone knows the school supplies business is a handsome amount of money. Only if they know someone from the inside. That has been going on for awhile now. So with these 60 schools to be given "special" treatment especially in budget I don't see why bloodsuckers won't jump to this opportunity. Careful now Hishamuddin, you might be giving even more opportunity to people who loves and feeds on corruption. Unless well of course you are the head honcho already than all I can do is grieve for the children of this nation.

12 October, 2007

When can we have our own Nobel Peace Prize winner?

Guess what...Al Gore is in the running. Just because he made that documentary on Global Warming. But is that all it takes to be in the running? Define peace realistically today and what it really stands for. I figure that there is no such thing. Why? Because peace is a concept that does not exist in reality but more of a state of mind.

Imagine what the world would be if it has been peaceful all along. There would be many things that we enjoy today that won't be around. Nuclear energy for instance or what about rockets, air planes, medicine, even the internet. All won't exist if the world was not in turmoil in one way or the other. But my question is don't we have anyone in this country that is worthy to be mentioned along side a Nobel Peace Prize?

With the determination and wild ideas by the past and present PMs none actually thought that contesting for the NPP is something we should at least win once. Nope, we have to build the tallest building, send the national car to the freezing cold, climb that highest mountain, send one fella into space and perhaps there would be ideas to shoot a national car into orbit just for the heck of it.

Everything requires something in the lines of going higher and further. Why not come back down to earth for awhile and think about it. We should be working towards getting accolades of international recognition. The Nobel Peace Prize, I think that should be Malaysia's next mission.

1st Malaysian in Space: Fuss over titles.

This is purely an epidemic of Malaysians. It's not the fact that the experiments would cure disease that matters most but the bloody title that the lad carries. Is he a cosmonaut or isn't he? Does it bloody matter if the title just states there participant? Would it make a hooting difference? Out of 26 million of us who has been into space? Except for the one that is already jolly there floating in zero gravity none of us have. So what gives any of us the right to question his designation?

We are so like chickens that just laid it's eggs. One whole country wants to hoot. Why not just cluck and hump your lawfully wedded wives and pray that they will give birth to the next cosmonaut that the country sends to outer space? That would be more beneficial rather than making so much noise of what the NASA or the Russians calls him. Heck they can call him Astrodick for all I care, just as long he does what he is suppose to do and not waste our tax money masturbating while floating in that space station.

Unity Band: I got mine. Have you?

So I am patriotic and a nationalist. What else can I say? I may not like the government entirely or the political drama that suits the storyline for a never ending soap on Astro. But I'll be damned if someone walks up to me and say to me that I don't love my country. So just to prove my point without saying much but just smile and wave I got my self the Unity Band. So you got the same point to prove? Do it with lesser words and get your self one. How? Take the hyperlink to UB50 website. TERIMA KASIH.

10 October, 2007

Aidilfitri 2007: Celebration in sadness.

Raya is around the corner. Is there anything worth to celebrate? With the dire situation of one too many things in the country I don't think celebrations should be much of an affair. From one standing point what has happened and is going on this year, it should serve as a reflection of where the country is headed.

We do have problems. That we need to realize and understand. Acknowledging that we have problems is one step to solving them but it is not the only step. The attitude now is that we know we have a problem but we conveniently seem to forget it as time moves along. Not all is a forgive and forget tale. Not all seem to be that simple.

What has happened thus far? Do we remember all of them? Is everything being taken care of? Should all of us bother? These are the questions and the answers are a few YES and NO here and there. But seriously apart from that as a nation have we really achieved anything this year? I doubt we did actually achieve anything of substantial value.

There is racial tension. Don't say we don't have any. We have religious tension. Certainly that is apparent. We have dire economic worries. Surely after the latest budget all of us remain sceptical. We have no confidence in the Law and Judiciary where many walked the mile to prove their point. We have one too many unresolved rape cases. 9 men are still at large. A few dead / murdered kids, yes not Nurin alone and a OJ epic of a trial which the victim was blown to bits. Lets not start on the age old corruption and slander thing. It is a as common as seeing fake Prada handbags.

There is still hope is there? I suppose so. But is it the cause for celebration this Syawal? Far from that. For Muslims it should be the time to reflect that how lucky we are to celebrate one more Syawal. For the non Muslims take the time to visit and know your neighbours and friends better. Just do one random kindness a day to each other and perhaps this country should make a turnaround for the better. And all of us should know this....it takes nothing much to love one another. All it takes is kindness.