10 October, 2007

Aidilfitri 2007: Celebration in sadness.

Raya is around the corner. Is there anything worth to celebrate? With the dire situation of one too many things in the country I don't think celebrations should be much of an affair. From one standing point what has happened and is going on this year, it should serve as a reflection of where the country is headed.

We do have problems. That we need to realize and understand. Acknowledging that we have problems is one step to solving them but it is not the only step. The attitude now is that we know we have a problem but we conveniently seem to forget it as time moves along. Not all is a forgive and forget tale. Not all seem to be that simple.

What has happened thus far? Do we remember all of them? Is everything being taken care of? Should all of us bother? These are the questions and the answers are a few YES and NO here and there. But seriously apart from that as a nation have we really achieved anything this year? I doubt we did actually achieve anything of substantial value.

There is racial tension. Don't say we don't have any. We have religious tension. Certainly that is apparent. We have dire economic worries. Surely after the latest budget all of us remain sceptical. We have no confidence in the Law and Judiciary where many walked the mile to prove their point. We have one too many unresolved rape cases. 9 men are still at large. A few dead / murdered kids, yes not Nurin alone and a OJ epic of a trial which the victim was blown to bits. Lets not start on the age old corruption and slander thing. It is a as common as seeing fake Prada handbags.

There is still hope is there? I suppose so. But is it the cause for celebration this Syawal? Far from that. For Muslims it should be the time to reflect that how lucky we are to celebrate one more Syawal. For the non Muslims take the time to visit and know your neighbours and friends better. Just do one random kindness a day to each other and perhaps this country should make a turnaround for the better. And all of us should know this....it takes nothing much to love one another. All it takes is kindness.

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