30 October, 2007

All is ready~ perhaps just a bit too much bullshit.

What a rush. A lot of things happening right after the Aidilfitri holidays. Somehow many have taken a new vigour in what they do. Our "angkasawan" is back greeted with a sorrow fate that his brother passed away. Sultan Azlan Shah calls for a reform of the judiciary mechanics. Can we hope for a better one? Election Commission says they are more than ready to get on with the General Elections.

But what actually matters most in all this ruckus? What should shake us all up to rally together? Apparently everything. Business has been very good all the sudden. Well not really all the sudden (remember the public service got a wage increase) but many have been warned that arising from the judiciary there could be problems. This one was especially told to foreign businesses and fellow counterparts.

So many things happening the year 0f2007 is slowly coming to a close and some parties would love to end it with a bang. More for the bad reasons I presume. All can be said is that our market is as volatile as a petroleum is to fire. But looks like the ruling party is going all out for the next GE campaign. Can't really blame them....they like it up there. Bu as they say....what goes up must come down.

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