01 October, 2007

All the sudden our Police realize that they lack a lot.

Police plan high-tech beef-up to fight crime from The Star.

For the turn of recent events especially the current crime rate of our dear Malaysia all sudden the IGP say they are lacking in hi-tech equipment. Hmmmm...why the sudden realization? Don't we just love using the Sherlock Holmes techniques? All the dusting, magnifying glass prodding and poking with tweezers.

We have 2 public interest cases as of now. One is the Ms. Altantunya blown to bits case and one of the poor girl Nurin. Both could use some nifty CSI stuff. So....I wonder which good old pro-ruling party firm will get the contract to bring in these fancy hi-tech investigation gadgets?

How much more of the people's money that will most likely be swindled? I hope screwdrivers is not in the list....because the last time I heard that it is pretty pricey.

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