23 October, 2007

Anwar to jail if do not comply to ACA.

The Lingam tape has become a very sticky case. After the video was made public a public uproar ensued and Lawyers marched to ask for a Royal Commission. Now all that is left is for Anwar to hand in the original video which is 14 minutes long as compared to the one released to be only 8 minutes. So called protecting the whistle-blower it seems.

What deal has Anwar struck with the whistle-blower can be anyone's good guess. But the ACA is becoming impatient and some quarters have already pressured for Anwar to be arrested. What is Anwar trying to prove? If lets say he is acting for the sake of the dignity of the country than the video should have been given way earlier on.

Many suspicions rose from this. Is some people just waiting to pounce on the whistle-blower once the identity is made known. Could it become a classic Mafia tale....certainly clipping the man may prove to cover some other bigger hidden agenda. But everything is still mere speculation. Is there a conspiracy? Or perhaps the video was really referring to something else entirely? Is our Chief Justice the man to put the finger on? Or is it Lingam? Is it only revenge that Anwar seeks?

A million and one questions surrounds this issue and yet the Royal council has not made even a whisper on this matter. The last thing we do know is that the CJ has asked for and extension and somehow EVERYONE has to listen to the PM. If it is true Anwar wants to help he should obtain the original video and hand it to the authorities. But before he does that he makes a copy of the video and get to terms with the whistle blower to show up for investigations of the allegations.

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Anonymous said...

Someone said this:

In so many weeks, not a single person has came out to deny that the tape is fake. Especially VK Lingam. If it is fake, he would be extremely pissed that his name is being tarnished. Likewise the CJ and even taiko Vincent.

But no. Not a single peep, except from Nazri the self-appointed minister.

So is that not reason enough to call up all those in the tape for questioning, instead of this pre-occupation with the original whistle blower?

The rakyat is not stupid. They KNOW the panel is useless, why the hell do you need to establish authenticity in this special case? Just ask those in the video whether they are denying it or admitting it! Simple as that, THAT's the FIRST step, verifying is the second step.