09 October, 2007

Astronauts and tiffin carriers.

Let me make this very clear first. For having one of our own people as an astronaut does not make Malaysia be in the space race. Fact number one....we are hitching a ride with a bunch of Russians. Second, our astronauts were not formally trained per say in space flight and finally we do not have our own space academy.

Simply why am I pointing this fact? Because it is important to understand the true situation before walking up to some American and say it blindly in their face we have travelled to outer space all on our own. But we all know that is not the case and it will be still a very long time more till we are able too.

A point to be proud of however is that a small nation can afford to send a couple of people into space to conduct some form of study. So yes, I can certainly give my applause to that. But why does it seem that many would just love to question the validity of are our boys really certified astronauts or not? Jealousy perhaps? A bit far fetched but alright...I can still accept that.

So now a Malaysian will be shot into space with a myriad of items that he must do to consider the mission a success. On top of that still he has to come back in one piece and (god forbid) not in ashes or space debris. So does lontong taste any different in space? Can a teh tarik be called a teh tarik in zero gravity? Can KLCC really be spotted that far away in space? Patience, all that questions and many more will be answered soon.

My wish is let us not next time send one race to the outer space. Lets send our Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, Serani and etc into space....now that would certainly be an achievement worth remembering and be proud of.


farisya said...

its just space...such a fuss for a little thing..haiyo~!

zewt said...

quite impossible i would say...