05 October, 2007

Aye matey...you sucking off me diesel.

From The Star.

Captain arrested for suspected siphoning of diesel

PORT KLANG: Police arrested the captain of an oil tanker early Friday morning for suspected siphoning of diesel from the vessel.

A spokesman from the Klang district police headquarters said the man, an Indonesian national in his 40s, was arrested onboard the ship, which was docked at Port Klang at about 1am.

According to him the Malaysian vessel, which was routed to transport the diesel to Cambodia, was not able to make the journey due to mechanical problems. The owner of the ship, a Malaysian, who had made arrangements to transfer the consignment to another tanker, was shocked when he found the diesel missing.

He lodged a police report immediately.

Police took the captain to the Klang magistrate’s court later in the day for a remand order.

I say....these buggers are getting even more daring by the day. Must be one hell of a siphon pipe man~!

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