23 October, 2007

Balding politicians.

Can't blame them but do notice that a fair majority of politicians develops patterns of hair loss at a fairly early age. Perhaps the pressure of serving the people. I think of only one name in Malaysian politics that is so often associated with hair loss. Samy Vellu. But he is a strong chap and mind you he has had hair implants to keep his head from becoming an oasis. Many ways but it is the cost that takes the toll.

Here comes provillus. Over 90% success rate in treating hair loss without undergoing some form of surgery. It acts like fertilizer for your hair follicles to grow. Think of it like gardening that benefits your looks. Now isn't that something. For more stuff that works visit Trust Source Dot Org.

1 comment:

Hair replacement said...

Politicians must have good hair, and hair style.
It very important for them looks great, because it part of their image.