29 October, 2007

"Be a Kiasu" Royal Professor Ungku Aziz advise the Malays.

It's been awhile since this great man spoke. But when he does you can be sure it is for a very good reason and it makes perfect sense. Royal Professor Ungku Aziz said this and I bet a whole lot more which included “kiasu” attitude is among seven virtues for Malays.

How is this not really surprising? Now for a very distinguished person like him who is really a think tank would surely find a lot of simple logic to this. Since the UMNO general assembly looms nearer it should be a good topic to debate. However many traditionalist (the kindest word I could find to describe a select group of UMNO members) would find this a smack in their faces and vehemently protest to such a thing.

I can imagine what exactly these people would say..."Kita mesti mempertahankan adat dan tatasusila Melayu~!". But seriously is laziness and content a good trait for any race for that matter? I certainly would agree to a mind shift. A shift of mentality has been called for for the past 20 years by many government policies but perhaps those were too subtle. A good shake up and drill down of a new Malay thinking should be in the cards right about now. It's just that I have a gut feeling that the orthodox Malays has always a thing to bitch about when it comes to being Me-LAYU.

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